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My name is Mattias Leijon

As I played this Game since the beginning when this game was meant to be a PVP Emulator and it was hitting amazing numbers due to the fact you didn't have to waste hours upon hours looting for items there should be a game mode which latterly loot is not hard to get it should be like the old days its the only way to keep veteran players, or actually refrain totally wipe whole database but keep skins wipe everything, wipe the loot , make a fresh start but make the loot balanced not 5000 awps and not 2444 Mausers actually fix the problem people are leaving the game due to lack of "enthiuaism" I don't want this game to die out I love fredakis and I always been a supporter I spoken with him many times, and I think the game Development Board and the Board where the game will progress and have a discussion where this is heading, Stop it now before its too late" 


my Personal Opinion the best option is the following,

1. Wipe the Open World Make Loot Servers On official Like the old days like a map literly packed with zombies and the zombies drop weapons"  a pvp based non hard non wasting time PVP MODE where all the pvp grinding reputation people want ! EZY LOOT EZY REP 

2. You go back to old ISS days when the loot was rare you had to actually put in effort not buy a private server and 2 days later sit on 700 augs 300 sigs "  and put in more effort into actually putting more effects in like broken legs " Veichle assistance" Garages " more useful stuff " Like more advanced Go back to the old days, 


Im sorry to point this out but we lost a major priority in the main pvp people and the Reason why people play this is to PVP  regardless CHANGES NEED TO BE MADE!!!! MAKE LOOT SUPER EZY DX CHEAP AND EVERYHTING BACK TO OLD GOOD PVP SUPER EZ OR GO TO ISS OLD HARD WAY.



VOTE 1,2, 


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Wipe? Yea, great ideia. All players will be happy ¬¬


Only make the loot more rare and take out the hight market , DX, medkit, NVG, 45+ mags, snipe ammo (or high price), scopes....

Make the players trade in blackmarket itens more. The economy will correct herself. And farm will have players again making money (selling itens) to buy itens in blackmarket. Now farm is to easy. 10min and you have sniper, heavy, cure, backpack and more. Make this itens rare and locate in special places make the game interesting to explore. Even quests are more interesting with the actual sistem.

The problem in the game is easy kill, easy death. No have more "loot" rare or "mother-with-work-in-zone (mF) I have losed my sniper!" react.


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