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Colorado V1 fixes

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There are some problems on the  Colorado V1.I would like to write you some of them.

- For example. In Crystal Lake Resort spawn a lots of AK-M's.In Loco Mountain Campsite spawn AR's (about 4-5 in one place) and nothing else.

- Very few crafting items on the map,but lots of guns.I want to say that on the map there is a bad variety of loot.Almost everywhere rifles, gas masks,rifle atachments.I like that there is less food and medicine,but if all this is less, then make rifles as rare.

- Why you guys didn't add scary sounds to the Colorado V1?

- Make the nights darker, otherwise too light.

- Add more zombies to big cities,military points,other smaller towns and farms.

- fix cars.Because often crashes when you get into the car.




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