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hey, so i have some suggestions and would really like to see them ingame. for now i cant play it a long time without getting bored.


1. give us options in the global inventory to:

stack all magazines

remove magazines from weapons in gi

remove the attachments from weapons when it is implemented they stay on weapons


2. other things

give the weapon "slots" so the attachments stay on the weapon, like pubg because this will give us more loot to take out. and let us remove them also

let us sell all items from gi that are on the marketplace and weapons, i have got so many weapons and items i will never use and its just annoying to have so much stuff without needing it

let us repair riot shields and more (if not allready possible, just played some hrs) and also let us pick them up (only if theyre full health). same for the gi locker




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1 hour ago, BUSHMAN said:

I got a suggestion to add also this music as a lobby music. Here is the link to the song. 


That's the first song they used after they renamed the game. 

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