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Sunday events leaderboards

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It's been 20 weeks now that i have started the weekly events with Glad.

To celebrate that and as a thank you for all you guys participating, I'm going to add a leaderboards to our sunday events.


How does that work?

  • The leaderboard will be for Deathmatches and Tournaments only for now
  • The points will stick to the character playing. If you switch char, you will have to start with 0 points again
  • There will be points given to the winners:
    • Tournament: 1st: 3p     2nd: 2p     3rd: 1p
    • Deathmatch: Each winner will get 2p
    • If you win an FFA or 1on1 in a Deathmatch, your points will be doubled (also if you win solo and did good)

I'm going to add some document that i will be keeping updated. I'm also going to try working on some kind of rewards. Maybe monthly we will see.
Today will be the first event where i will be counting points for the winners. We are starting soon so stay tuned!

Edit: Leaderboards:

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