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Hello and welcome everybody!

I've been watching many "akam ali" Videos and his pvp days and i really felt like playing survival again.. Well it turns out that we can easily find rly good weapons like in Colorado v1 I just found in Clearview 6 stanag weapons 1 m4 1 m16 3 night Stalkers and 1 m4a1 and a bunch of evo's uzi, deagle, etc.. and thats kinda depressing but on the other Hand good for the Openworld Player, cuz if they come new to Survival they will still get worst loot than in Openworld, but if u are an Old WarZ Player or even a ISS Player it is still to much Loot..

We Need Money in Survival:

Having no Money Drops from Zombie is like killing a Player but not gettin his Loot.. We Need the Money to buy Medics or for Trading some Weapons.. Ofc do not give every Zombie Money but atleast every 10. Zombie (5 - 10% Chance of getting Money from a Zombie.) In old Infestation Survivor Storys we could have gotten 11 - 10.000$ Non premium Money Drops For Premium User ofc 22 - 20.000$


Make Overall the Weapon rare!

There are too many Stanag Weapons out there in survival.. I can find so many stanag weapons in survival that is unreal.. Pleas nerf that.. You guys could wipe it all and start new again, or create a "Hardcore Survival Mode" rdk.  requested he wrote a discussion aswell in the Forum.. Let us find many crap weapons like Kruger / Pistols / Meele weapon but PLEAS give us a less Chance of finding a M4 / M16 I want to be happy to get a Stanag weapon, nowdays I just taking the stanag out and drop that shit..


Here the Topic from rdk. :


Pleas dear Stuff! Make Survival a better Gamemode!




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As long as there's enough players playing survival, they won't wipe it. Unless a good amount of players come to the forums and make a poll, but even then idk.. it's too much work and risk for devs to wipe the whole thing. 

As much as I would love to play old warz again, I don't think it's gonna happen. Everyone got spoiled by having loot laying everywhere.

If they ever decide to wipe and do a proper survival version of the game, I would like to see 2 Colorado V1, 2 Colorado V2 and 2 California servers (perhaps adding more servers later on if survival succeeds). Balanced loot, currency, harder and extensive skill tree.

The things that made old game fun was, balaced pvp, exciting trading, farming was actually enjoyable. I don't think players care about new maps and so on, they want nostalgia cause that's what brings people back.

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Kinda pissed about Skins in newZ survival.. I know I was on of These guys who said Skins or riot but know for the real survival we should just get old ISS back (Ofc keeping all those new weapon or maybe adding more) I would love to see Survival in NewZ would be open up again. Or it would be funny if the Old Infestation will get up again :D

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