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Mission time capsule - charade

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Mission time capsule.
After activating this mission you get a charade. puzzle. with the coordinates of a time capsule,
in this time capsule will have a new riddle giving the position of the other time capsule.

when activating the mission:
1 in norad a dead carries your message
(would have to find the zombie that will drop the time capsule)
2 in this capsule has another charade:
where there are 4 prisoners with fredaikis the mesnage this!
would be in the Container fredaikis .. varo
3 Where the tallest of the planes take off, your prize will be!
(airport tower)

reward: a random GD skinbox.

could be more capsules more charades. easy, difficult.

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It's just an idea, it does not take the capsule time, the puzzles can come up at every conclusion.

the puzzles can be of any type, easy, medium, hard

no need to have a capsule..

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