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If NewZ was a person

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just a quick thought of mine. During branding class we had to think about what kind of person a certain brand would be if it turned human. I did the same for NewZ, here is my go at it:


NewZ is like that one ex-girlfriend from years ago. You had several on and off relationships but it never lasted for long. I mean she is quite hot at first glance and and you always think that with the right make-up or in the right dress she is actually a 10. But the closer you look and the longer time you spend with her, she will feel rather like a 6 and even like a 3 at times. Your friends keep telling you she is shit, but you just dont listen.  In the end you always break up without regrets and happy to end that chapter of you life.

Sadly you do not learn from your mistakes and she seems to be always waiting for your call and ready to come over for a hot night. And those nights come. You know its bad and you know it is a mistake, but in those nights, you are either sad, lonely or just drunk and horny, you are overcome by the desire to hook up with her again. The first night is good, maybe even the second, but after that it becomes worse. You try to repeat that first night but you keep seing more and more faws. 

The plan of breaking up grows in the back of your had and after some time you just end it again. But eventually you will become weak again, especially when you happen to run across her in that new hot dress.

This will continue until one of you two will no longer be on the market...



I think the analogy is quite good. Do you associate another kind of person with NewZ?

On a sidenote this kind of brand image is really really bad and the devs should work on it definitely....


<3 Lauchi

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