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What is it open world?

What you prefer in open world?  

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  1. 1. What you prefer in open world?

    • PvP.
    • PvE.
    • Both.
  2. 2. What is it open world?

    • Primary PvP and secondary PvE.
    • Primary PvE and secondary PvP.
    • Both type gameplay is equivalent on same.

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Open World = The "basic" Game-Mode. You can farm up your GI (Global Inventory) either on a private OR official server and stash everything you've looted instantly with just logging out and pressing the "Inventory" button on the main menu.

Battle Royale = explains itself pretty much, you spawn randomly on a map which you'll have to survive on and u must be the last man standing.

Survival = Basically like Open World, BUT the loot is more likely to be rare, you won't find snipers around every corner. You'll have to run to a safezone to stash your items. // HIGHLY RECOMMDED FOR NEW BEGINNING PLAYERS


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