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Inventory simplification

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there are lots of posts on inventory and how it sucks. After thinking about it from a pure database angle here is what I think may work.

I am assuming weapon items have a series of attributes which store the magazine type, number of rounds in magazine, any attachments like scopes, grips, suppressors etc so manipulating these becomes a simple programmatic exercise.


1. No weapon should ever be put in the armory with a clip in it - THIS IS REAL LIFE - IF YOU HAVE EVER SERVED YOU WILL KNOW - so all weapons have zero ammo in inventory. Ammo clips should be removed as part of the move to inventory process.

2.  All ammo moved to inventory (ammo in weapons and also unattached ammo clips) should be automatically clip stacked - clip stacking of the inbound clips includes the 1 clip of partial load in inventory.

3. rearrange the weapon inventory view to a table with columns for a. long arms b. pistols c. machine guns etc.

4. rearrange the ammo inventory to a table with columns a. ammo items with full load of rounds b. item with less than full load of rounds - and there should only ever be 1 of these  items in inventory - see 2 above


taking stuff out of inventory them becomes a simple affair of select weapon / select ammo and if you use load-outs you can pre-load clips as the items are put into your slots or choose to do that manually

The same simplification approach should be undertaken for anything that has a variable attached to the item description that makes the item not a unique entry.


anyway just a thought....................................... have a fab day


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Hi there,

 i quoted myself and  ElChupacabra  answer from another thread:


Global inventory sortable
Please make the GI sortable like the normal backpack, THANKS !!!


As I said on a previous ticket, the issue here is that the current GI system cannot support that. We need to rebuild it from scratch which would be very time consuming. This is in our plans, but we have other priorities.

- An extra tab for the vehicles and gasoline / repair kits

- Cut the food tag in half, right side - drinks, left side - food

- "free packing", your stuff stays where you put it in, so you can sort it by yourself (ok, its the same as the sortable-thing^^)


there is surely more, but i just woke up. ^^


Thanks in advance


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