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So recently i died 1k times while being behind walls,trees etc.Once i was even inside a Airport Tower,at the middle and guy hit the wall and killed me.Cars are BROKEN,cars are too OP,cars are DESTROYING this game,cars need to be fixed or removed.

I lost so much stuff,time,and got serious brain damage (rly) from all these things.Here are some videos of how much cars are BROKEN.

1.You got out the car and u fall under the map/are stuck in between terrain and then if u wont enter the car in time you will die,

2.Cars are apparently from NASA since u can fly with them.

3.You can kill ppl hiding inside buidlings,behind trees,fences.

4.Sometimes yo ucan put 4 cmags into a care with someone in it and it wont explode.

5.Sometimes when u leave car u are getting teleported miles away

So remove cars or fix them please.Many other posts suggest the same.


No offence was intended :D


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11 hours ago, Freddy D said:

Disable Cars in OW.

Make Cars in Survival very very rare.

Its not really about  making them rare. They just need to be fixed cause they are so broken right now.

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They could take advantage of when fixing the cars errors, and let them appear with low amount of gasoline (something around 20% or less).
The gallons of gasoline should only fill one part of the fuel tank and not all of it (Something around 10%) as with the repair kits

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I agree, cars have ALWAYS been broken, and various updates fix one thing and break another.  

In the current state cars seem to be worse than ever.  Due to how ping works cars can even kill you from up to 40 yards away, meaning you cannot shoot the player in the head once they enter that sub-40 yard range where you can really shoot accurately with an AR.  

I have a few friends who have just begun pvping with cars as their primary weapon, and they are running around getting 20+ killstreaks every day.  It is bad.  

Also the glitch where you get out of the car and get teleported a mile in the air seems to be REALLY common right now, although it's always been around.  

Cars are essential to making the survival game-made playable as transportation, but I'm starting to think damage should be nerfed so they cannot 1-shot players.  Or add a heat-seeking anti-tank missile...

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Oregon is also really poorly optimized for the use of cars, and the map needs some adjustments so players have more ways to take cover from cars, and so cars can actually get around the map.  

Currently we just use 2 players to "push" the car over the highway barriers to get where we are going - add some ramps.  

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