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Update 2.20

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Who plays battle royale knows that this last update killed the mode. Before it was possible to start matches in the tropics and Arizona at any time of the day, it did not matter if it was night or morning, now with the Arena map and the solo mode this is not possible. I particularly did not like the arena map because the loot is very badly laid out, so I only play Arizona and Tropic. But now these maps do not start because of the Arena. There should be an option for the person who is alone to be able to play against groups, because sometimes the floor room does not have enough players. Everyone I know hates this new map and they are sad because the other maps do not start. My suggestion is to make Arena an event map. Battle royale does not have a very large audience and this update just divided us. I hope you take action on that, because we players who do not like Arena (and we are many) do not like this update!

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