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1 hour ago, sgregor said:

You should focus more on 1 big mac than 5 big macs (open world + oregon + different mods). Population is spread too widely accross all the modes and pvp maps. Most of them duplicating ingame actions. People can pvp and pve everywhere on 1 main map and 1 main mode, they dont need special modes or servers to just pvp or to just pve. You made Oregon - develope it, add new places to map instead of new pvp maps. It looks like you are working against yourselves here.

Do not listen too much on people's ideas - you develope the game and add things, atleast thats what "big" game developers are doinng - feedback is what you need to listen not all the ideas.

its not the solution to close down servers 1 by 1 if the population is not there. 

thats just my point of view

Of course. I mean, if we can focus on more than one at the time, that's best right? This is what we try to do but due to the amount of different groups of players + the fact that players shift pretty much 24/7 it's almost not possible to get a 100% here. Don't get me wrong.

We gather feedback, process it and try to use it for upcoming weekend events :)

Anyways, thanks for your comment.

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