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Suggetions for Battle Royale

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What many players want if possible is the return to see who is in the room (reputations, premium, ...), because that way we could report on the heat without having to die for a hacker. Fixing the group invitation would also be cool, as sometimes a player in the group does not go in and the others have to leave because of him. And my last request is that you can not enter the match (lobby) when the countdown starts on the warm-up, as many players have a bad machine, and sometimes only one of the group enters the match because the machine is better, not allowing the entry of players from the countdown would help players with bad pc not get bug, or not enter. A system to enter the server of battle as in open world would be cool to avoid this, showing how many people have in the room before entering, since experienced players already know with how many people a game begins ...

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