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Edit: Solution for Teleport-Death ... Confirmed

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as you can see below it happens to me too. Get out of the car, teleport in the sky, fall, should be dead, but i pressed "Escape". I survived the falling, but got disconnect some secs later.

Well this happens a second time, and this time "Escape" worked without disconnection! Near "Springer Ridge Trailer Park" i was teleported in the sky, "Escape " again, and found me in the sea, alive (!). This time there was no disco and the car was waiting at the point where i wanna left it.



If teleport, press "Escape", with luck you survive and lost nothing.


First post ^^

Hi there,

maybe you experienced the bug that you get out of your car, spawning 100m over the map and fall until you die on the ground.

Well, today its happens the first time for me and my first idea was "blink" (you will know what i mean if you know what i mean ^^).
In my panic i pressed escape aaaand ... i survived. I dont know if the timing was perfect or if it always happens in that way. After i pressed escape again i spawned ca. 5min. foothpath away.
Unfortunately without my car. So i decided to find it and got 10sec later disconncted. Same question here: does it always happens or it is because of the patch and / or the beta?
It doesnt matter ... i found my car *happyhappyjoyjoy* and i didnt die.

Thats all.

Moin Ecky

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Hi there,

i have this bug before the patch & after the patch.

You missunderstood me. I mean the disconnecting not the bug itself. In the last days i got some disconnecting (i guess because of the "beta patch"). So i asked myself if it this time was about the patch or a disco because i pressed escape (maybe the disco happens all the time even without the patch).

If it was just coincidence we have a tool to stay alive and just loose the car (bad enough) instead ALL of our stuff!

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