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Dear developers, I want to talk about loot in Military bases.Today I came to the Norad Military Base and was surprised at the number of weapons. At each corner were many weapons, armor and ammo.You still haven't corrected the spawn points. You can just check these points and fix them. In many places, the objects lspawn next to each other. It's about Colorado V1.

I did not have enough space even in a military backpack to carry off all the weapons that were there.Check, please, everything!

Fix finally a mistake with a shotgun.When I load two bullets in the mossberg, the animation charges 8.

A very long time ago I proposed to remove the melee weapon from the character's thigh. It looks bad and doesn't need to.

If you add empty magazines for survival, then think about reducing the spawn number of guns. Or make sure that the weapon does not always have full magazines.It was once in Ifestation SS.

If there is an opportunity to exchange 10 Fn Scar's CQC for 1 night stalker at Colorado V2, then I think it is worth increasing the rarity of the Night stalker.

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