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after a long of playing ISS / NewZ, I wanted to tell you here a list of some suggestions which I think are useful or should be changed/added!



  1. Placing a Car (Car Spawner) inside a Safezone.
    Before the Bus System was in the Game and you switched the Maps (for example from Rocky to Colorado) and you spawned inside a Safezone you always had to run out of the Safezone area to place your Car (Car Spawner).
    In my opinion, you should be able to place it inside the Safezone area.
  2. Disable Spray sound in the Trade Lounge
    If you are trading or stacking GI in the Trade Lounge you always hear a "funny" guy spamming the spray button to annoy the whole Server.
  3. Sweet FX
    More Infos about that here in @Geneticzz Topic.
  4. This is maybe an Important thing for all the New Players:
    Make a Video maybe with Facecam where every one of the DEV Team is going to tell something about themselves.
    Cause I see many Players in the Q&A (for example) who didn't know who Elias is or what he is doing.
    So go there and say something like: I am "***" and I work for Fredaikis AB as a "****" for Infestation The NewZ. (just an example).
  5. Spectator Mode for Partners
    If a Partner is hosting an Event on the event server it's always hard to spectate-
    So maybe if: the Player is Partner / Streamer Account and it's his Server then give him the Option to use the Spectator Mode.
    To avoid abusing maybe add a Chat message: "Streamer Account Name here" has started using the Spectator Mode!
  6. New features for the SkillTree
    I know that there are many farmers out there but after (I think 20.000.000 XP) you are fully skilled.
    So maybe add/rework the Skilltree add some new Stuff there or even add let's say 3 new paths with new skills and you can only go for one path!
    After you learned one of the 2. path you cant learn any other skills from the 1. and 3.
  7. Unload all Option
    I think this speaks for his own. 
  8. Hide Chat / Group option
    Right now when you are in a Group and you hide your chat then you hide the Group HUD too.
    So maybe add 2 different keys or add an Option to say I wanna set both off with one key or just chat/group.
  9. GD Airdrop caller
    Since it got removed from the Game you didn't hear anything new about this Item.
    I made a post some time ago where I told you that the GD Airdrop Caller makes no sense to the state it had at this time 
  10. Remove Heavy Armor from the Marketplace
    I think this speaks for his own.
  11. Remove Cars from Open World Server
    It's so fucking annoying to get killed by a car which runs you over all the time.
  12. FN FAL
    The FN FAL is way tooooo overpowered after the Patch 2.19.
  13. /stats
    Some time ago you were able to type in the Chat /stats to see your current Characters stats and GD amount.
  14. Forever Premium Accounts
    Maybe add some more features to this account status.
  15. Battle Royale
    Right now there is only one Airdrop each round of Battle Royale. And it's the only way to get a Sniper so maybe add one more Airdrop to each round of Battle Royale.
    Or maybe set it to the number of players in this Round: less than 40 Players -->1 Airdrop, less than 60 Players 2 Airdrops.
    Add a special report section to the In-game report system (only for BR) ---> If they are playing with more then 3 Players

I think that's all my ideas for now :) 

Pls, let me know what you think!

Best Regards


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1 .Respaw to the edge of safe solve this problem. 1 sec run and no need rework the game. Just move respaw.
2. I do not see this problem
3. Nice
4. just ignore this guys
5. I do not see advantage for this.
6. ... and make SZ drops money.
8. Yea.
9. It is a very spencive item.
10. And another items. All 45,60,100 mags, K.NVG, military, AWP ammo, VSS ammo. And encrease the prices. The game is in easy mode.
11. Agree. Cars drops fps and kill you at 4 meters. If you have only one first person to drive but 3rd person???
12. I do not use after the path
14. yea. Maybe
15.1 Zero airdrops. This is cancer in BR.
15.2 Agree. I play and every time I see groups at 4 or 5 guys and record every time f ** the fps.

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2 minutes ago, best fortnite player said:

why give ur damn opinion if you have no clue of the game HAHA

Everyone's feedback is welcome. Respect every single player!

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I dont think fn fall is that op , the damage is good actually ,for headshots only is 3 and bodyshots is 6 ,BUT the mag only has 20 bullets which makes you to think when to take the decision to shoot and not waste the bullets .

And as a findable weapon i would class it as an uncommon rarity 

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Placing a car inside safezone - YES YES YES

Spectator Mode - I really don't see how this can be implemented without the resulting abuse (even with chat message).

New features for Skill Tree - YES only if these new skills don't make you too overpowered.

Remove cars from open world - NO

FN FAL is NOT overpowered.  It is now where it should be.  Prior to this update it was basically a useless weapon.

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List for open world Content:

1. Missions (for example: kill 20 Players with Headshots and get a free VSS)

2. Clan territory Need Prices in the Leaderboards every week or month

3. Leaderboards with Prices every week or month (not only on Weekend)

4. More Items: Like m style helmet nvg, new weapons (from ISS World or complete New)

ISS World Items which not released : AR2600, Kriss (Vectory), the machinepiston for the second Slot (dont know the Name), m200 silencer, Fake Enemy Shields, Megaphone, Zombiespeer, swat armor

5. Daily Rewards (like you Play all 28 days in a month you got a Special weapon or skins.)

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