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Bowzy's Fun Event

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Since there wasnt any resonance at all i'll change the date of the first one to give you more time to register



12.07.2018 - 6 pm GMT/ UTC +1

Kruger rifle tournament (1/16)


CAR RACE  (2/16)


Hello folks,

inspired by Krissy's events, some peepz and myself doing a bunch of fun events with a ranking system.

There will be a total of 16 events on different dates. Next Event will be announced here, in my stream and in the official NewZ Discord.


1. Everyone can participate

2. You have to agree the rules and the punishment for breaking those. 

3. If you dont have the current weapon/weapons or items, you have to get them urself before the event starts.

4. You have to register to each event and not just once.



- Map will be the Event Map hosted on EU 

- Leaderboard system: for example people will be given points based on the place they reached. 1. X amount 2. Y amount... etc.

 after the last event the ones with the 3 highest points are the winners.



1. Be friendly, respectful.

2. Trolling or shooting someone will get you disqualified and kicked out.

3. Listen to the advisor of the Events.

4. Zero toleration for racimn, hate speech and other unacceptable things.

5. Hacking/Glitching/Cheating or abusing is not allowed and will be recorded, which means you'll get banned for that.


We try to organize a fun environment, without aiming for "high skill players" and trying to offer events everybody ( also beginners) can join.

If you have questions, suggestions and wants to help out with organizing use this thread, pm me on discord or on Twitch.

 - > Informations/rules could be changed till the whole event ends < -


PS.: Bare in mind that this one is the first try to set something bigger up, if anything goes wrong i'll find a way to fix it. :) Thanks and have fun.

Pss: Forgot to announce prices since i didnt though about any yet. Will announce them later on ( something like airdrops/skins/gd, we'll see :) ) 

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Hey Bowzy!


I love to see the events and the effort you put into this! We appreciate this a lot! Good luck with the events!


Best Regards,



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If you need anything or help in your event, do not hesitate to send me a private message or send a ticket to the support. We will be happy to help you. Have a good weekend <3

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