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[Suggestion] Attachments 0.1

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Hello Community,

I recently got invited into this game ! it has allot of potential. 

1 key of survival is having space in your inventory for more important items than just attachments and i ran into this problem. (Yes i am new and only have 6 hours so far) 
Normally Attachments should be removed from the inventory upon being attached onto a weapon. but i saw they took up a slot still after being attached.

What do you guys think :)

1. They should not take a slot when attached ?
2. They should take a slot when attached like it is now?

Kind regards,
Partnered Streamer iFunkyNL

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3 hours ago, Silenterror said:

I like this idea, i think they should go out of your inventory as soon they got attached.

Glad you like it :)

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