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LF Open World Clan

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I first started playing NewZ when it's user base was that of 10 people, I sold my PC just before it hit Steam release as I needed to focus more on real life, and I found myself playing over 10 hours a day.

I have returned however, with plans to once more become an active member of the community, and play some good old fashioned Colorado PvP.

With that being said, I need a clan. Please bear in mind I have only just returned, so my stats aren't godlike or anything Kappa

I speak fluent english

Servers: NA/EU

Skill Tree: Full

Reputation: -10836

- I am an active player with more than enough understanding of the game, I have a good G.I and I am mature,

Message me if you'd like to pick me up

(I will take no part in clans that 5 man camp spawns, it's boring)


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