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Semi Finals!

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Dear players,

Let's continue with the tournament and the semi-finals! The stress is getting bigger and bigger... and we have now our 4 best teams!

In order to organize every match of this quarter finals, I will type here every match with the schedules based on your timezones. Keep in mind that you guys need to put an effort in helping us to organize your match. So in that way, every team that will play their match on the schedules we choose will receive a small gift!  

Every match can be re-scheduled if the other team wants it too and depending on different circumstances.



- Every game will be set on our timezone (CEST).

- Don't forget to read the rules and the lastest news right here:



If any match could not be organized on the schedules we choose, what are the consequences?

  • If the 2 teams can not play on that scheduled time, they can find another date to play the match, there is absolutely no problem but you will have to inform us as soon as possible. 
  • If your match could not be organized because the other team did not reply, your team wins the match with a score of 3-0. 
  • If the other team can play on that scheduled time, but your team can't please contact kazmightONFIRE or Vintorez to find a compromise. Every complaint will be taken individually and those matches could be re-scheduled under extreme circumstances.


  • DDO5 Gaming 1-3 GODS.
  • Team Silenterror EU 2-0 GODS Academy. 


  • Third Place final: DDO5 Gaming 1-3 GODS Academy.
  • First Place final: Team Silenterror EU 2-0 GODS. 


Red means the match is not confirmed yet OR both teams are not contacted yet.

Green means the match is confirmed. 

Orange means both teams are contacted. 

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