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Clan territories - feedback

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This is a repost of mine from the 6th page of the recent patch notes. I still used it to open a new thread, because I think it is an important new feature and there won´t be any feedback when the new map comes out and we drown in complaints, bug fixes and "ideas"

Here is what I wrote:

Since the release of the clan-territory-feature a few days have gone by and here is a rundown on how I think the state of the flags is right now.



The introduction of the feature or a similar idea was more than necessary. The core community, the nerds, the addicted ones are thirsty for a new layer of depth, for something to revolutionize pvp, something to fight for or to grind. They need a new way of dumpsteing their time into this videogame (me included)

Clan territories can fulfill a lot of those demands, they give groups a real objective to compete for, they could create reliable group pvp outside the usual  and totally random occasion where you keep hopping servers until you run into somebody else. Now you can basically challenge the whole server to come and fight you. Then of course clan territories are a nice feature in a sense that power is very visible on the map. you can see what clans take over whole servers, what flags are under attack and who wins out. It could technically become a good mix between grind and battle with huge potential to offer thousands of hours with fun gameplay. The first day was an amazing start to this. I absolutely loved to see how flag after flag was contested and fell to a clan. Even without participating at the different attempts, I could still imagine how being there could have felt and it was a blast. Entering a clan territory also tells bambis to either stay the fuck away or prepare for trouble, either way thats a plus.

But day two and three were way more disappointing. No to almost no movement when it came to flags and several flaws in the system are right now about to kill the feature.


General Problems:

- The flags on the map make some city names not visible at all. To the hardcore nerds in here this sounds like a quality of life issue, but it really is more than that. If some poor soul decides to give that game a try, he will never be able to know the names as he can only see Fr(  )y Pines or Ca(  )s City

- I had a bug where my dead body finished the capturing process after I was killed at 95%

- The vulnerability timers are delayed, given the fact that the window is quite short anyways, this hurts and forces players to check the map every 30 seconds

- The 15minute timer does not even matter. As long as you start the attack in that window, the time can expire and you are still able to capture the flag (you could claim that this is intended as it is actually good, but in the video you said different

- There are too many flags in total. 15 Servers per region with 7 Flags each? The more flags, the less value a single one has and why even try hard to contest a flag then? Flags can bring pvp, but too many just nullify that effect again. Areas like Nato, Norad or Varo dont need a flag as they will anturally have pvp due to the massive loot and the "NewZ food chain" where loot draws in bambis and farmers, which then draw in medium level players greedy for kills. They then draw in better players and in the end they end up calling theri groups and its an all out 7vs7. No need for a flag there.


Process of capturing:

- Fuck that Vulnerability window is super tight. It is about 15 minutes from my experience and that makes some flags impossible to take unless you randomly happen to sit on them. I am the only player in my clan, but manage to singlehandedly hold Ridgeway in EU1 and EU2. How do I do that? Well it is easy. The window is 15 minues, lets say you notice airport is vulnerable when the timer is at 12 minutes (wich is perfectly reasonable as the announcement is freakin late) you still have to sprint to the closest busstop, take the bus and sprint from the airport busstop to the flag. All together this can take 10 minutes easily. You are left with two minutes to capture and I have not even touched on the possibility of violent encounters or the fact that usually people are  doing things on a server rather than just waiting for a flag to get vulnerable. Nobody will stop a good session of pvp for a flag? There should be an anouncement 15 minutes prior to a flag becoming vulnerable so people can actually prepare...

- Then I honestly don´t see why and how you can ever defend or fight for a flag. As soon as two parties want to capture a vulnerable flag, both end up with nothing because they engage in fights until the flag is immune again... And defending a flag for your clan is basically impossible unless you have a member on every flag just waiting 24/7. There should be notifications along the lines of "Hey be carefull your territory at Airport EU1 will be vulnerable soon" or "Jesus buddy  DDO5 is attacking your clans flag at Norad EU3! Go do something!"

- The worst from a gamedesign standpoint right now is the fact that capturing is not really a group experience. You won´t have clans bashing heads in boulder for a flag. The window is too small and as soon as a fight breaks out both sides loose. The best tactic is to spread out members over as many servers as possible, with everyone just afk checking map until something becomes vulnerable, then taking it solo. This is super unfun and more of a grind than a pvp experience. And you can already see that in the ladder as the more pvp heavy clans are not even close to competing with a more survival and grind heavy clan like the ICE9 sqad (no offense buddy :P). They are not successful because the wreck the shit out of the others, but rather because they have the stamina and motivation to grind it out, even on low pop servers at night time

- Lastly another main issue is the super small area you have to stay in for capturing. I mean you are wide open with no chance to fight somebody with actual cover. There is no real fight for that area, because as soon as there is a fight breaking out, everbody in  this area is dead unless you bring a shit ton of shields (and even then -.-)


Having captured a point: 

- What now? Sven has talked about this in the video, there has to be some kind of benefit for actually securing a flag outside of the +1 in the clan leaderbords. And the advantage should also involve some sort of benefit during pvp in that area. I will introduce a few ideas later on in the post.

- The design and position of the flags is rather random. I mean the areas you picked are all ok, but honestly the flags should fit in perfectly and I would even recommend to specifically design the surrounding to amplify the pvp experience. Flags are just too open to ever fight back and an area like ridgeway with only one bus station will turn this station into a camp fest as soon as a flag is contested.

- Clan territories should spread out like factions in a total war game for example do. Sprinkled maps look bad and going from one flag to the closest could make it feel more natural, but also predictable and therefor easier to defend.


Some suggestions:

- Decrease the number of flags per server and they will be more valuable and contested. That is simple economics with supply and demand. 

- Give a warning to the server and the clan currently  in possession 15 minutes before a flag gets vulnerable. this will help set up fights.

- Tweak the capturing system so fighting for a flag makes sense


How to make it feel more like a real clanterritory. 

This is a solution I came up with. First of all why not give a clan some sort of counter for how many people are in or close to their terretory. Something sort of counter on the top riight that helps the owners. And why not give them extra money, xp and rep. Positive rep ranks can not loose rep while defending their land . It would actually make sense to defend a flag then and areas like ridgeway could be claimed to farm more effective, but with a higher threat of getting ambushed.

On the other hand a clan territory should not stay for ever. Why not give it a timer of lets say 2 hours after being captured. Everytime NO clan member is in the area, the timer goes down. When it reaches zero, the area becomes neutral again. Every kill a clan can get defending their territory gives 2 minutes bonus added on the timer. That way it really becomes a clan territory and the harder you fight for the better.  you can do high scores for longest active territory or most kills while defending it. Then there have to be perks for people trying to conquer enemy land, too. Maybe give some extra negative rep for kills, more shut down money or some sort of credit. Or just give them a counter as well for how many members are defending a flag? Killing clan members copuld also help decreasing the cooldown timer so you can effectively neutralize or capture a territory even though the athers keep spawning back in again and again?

One necessary step is to redesign or at least reposition the flags, make the capturing area bigger and maybe the territory as well. The current size and some locations just kill pvp. Boulder flag could be on a bridge thats worth a stronghold  where you can have a mix of close combat and long range sniper battles.

Why not just make it easier for clans to challenge enemy flags when they already own land close to them? This way clans could spread arround the map and maybe even claim a whole server? The flags should be away to engage in quality pvp with the feeling of fighting for a goal and without the random searching for enemys we usually have.

Another thing I found cool was when capturing a neutral flag. Why notmake this a PvE experience where you have to clear the area from zombies in order for the percentage to rise or  have zombies and even superzombies spawn during that time. It yould make it harder for solo-dolo dudes like me, but also more thrilling and add a PvE kind of scenario, too?


I really put a lot of heart into this and this should not just be seen as the casual complaints you can read on this forum and the discord all the time. I want this to succed as I see huge potential in the feature and for the game as such


Love <3


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