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Medic Item Box

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So recently friend of mine came up with this idead to make the red bag and obtainable item which will be like an item box but only with meds and would have for example following loot-table:





So the idea is that you could get multiple meds from this bag and if u are very lucky you could get 5x dx or if u are not u could get 5x green bandages etc.

I think this is great idea and would give some fun for those looting meds.And the box should be openable so it wont open instantly after u pick it up.



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Thats a good idea, but they shouldnt be so rare.

Also, when it comes to normal item boxes - i just got a red stalker from it today. 

I think there should be only snipers in it or at least a big chance of getting one, cause they are really really rare. 

You have to be really lucky to find one. And when you find one you get redstalker or sig sauer which is kinda pointless imho.


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