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The game is painful to play! (Suggestions)

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I've been here since last year. But  I stopped playing for almost 3 months because it's a little painful to play. And now I'm back and only a few good feature was added. So I think I might just start a suggestion thread so some features could get into the game.

First of all. If you have a lot of developers for this game, and if this is not done yet; It would be easier if they would be divided into teams. So there would be a specific teams working on the maps, then another on weapons, then maps, then the skins. This way the development would be faster and easier.


Now onto the game features:

1. Leaning

- It's really nice to peak around corners. Since it makes us less expose and adds a realism to the game.

2. Different Stances And Modes

- We already have prone, crouch, and walking/running. But It feels like it lacks something. Maybe take ideas from pubg. They have different stances and different modes for each stance. Like, when running, when you press shift, it makes you sprint, when you press ctrl, it makes you walk. But when on crouch, shift makes you faster, ctrl makes you slower. Same on prone. I think NewZ could improve in terms of movement with these features

3. Free look

- The character feels like it has stiff neck. It would be nice if we could move that neck joint and look around while running. Makes it easier to scan the area while autorunning and it adds to realism

4. Make "survival" feel more like a real survival mode

- The only difference I see between the open world and survival is that survival has no market and rarer loot. It's still pvp based. It would be nice if killing a player would be less rewarding. And have stronger zombies. This means it would be better if players just form a team instead of pvp.

5. Dynamic Prone (idk what's the word for it, but I guess that'll do)

- It's really painful to see a character prone while in a cliff side. One side is submerged to the ground and the other is floating. It would be nice if it would adapt to the surface. I found this trashy game but has this feature; it's called Rules of Survival. Maybe you can take ideas from the prone and implement it into this game.


That's pretty much the ideas I had in my mind. I might come back here to tweak or add some things.

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More suggestions:

6. Attachments

- It would be nice if attachments that are attached to guns wouldn't take space on backpack. It makes more sense this way

7. Prone to Crouch

- For some reason you can't switch to crouch while on prone

8. Inventory Management

- It would be nice if transferring items between inventories is a lot easier. I assume it sends data everytime you transfer a single item from client to server, causing the delay. So maybe it would make it faster if it would send only once. It would transfer the data when you're done transferring items.

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Hey, I'm really sorry it took so long to give you an answer. Anyway:

I think all of your suggestions are great. However many of them are related to animations which we usually have troubles working on when it comes to this engine. You are not the first one to mention the attachments idea and I really like that one. Do you also think that an attachment should "stick" to a gun when it's added?

Regarding 8. I'm not sure if this is possible with our database. I'll have to check with Fred but it's something we'd love to do of course.

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