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Hello Survivors!  

SLEC is Recruiting.

Shadow lurkers is an Anti-Bandit clan that specialize in STEALTH movement and protection of civilians.


Players must be:

  • Timezone GMT+0 - GMT+4
  • Willing to use suppressed weapons
  • Stealth at all times
  • fluent/moderate in English
  • Willing to take orders
  • A Team Player
  • Friendly
  • At least 18+
  • Willing to learn and adapt

Must Have:

  • Discord
  • Working microphone


  1. Do not break any New Z Rules: https://playnewz.com/rules.php
  2. Treat all members with Respect
  3. Respect Higher Ranks
  4. No Hackers/Cheaters/Tweakers
  5. Always wear SLEC Gear
  6. Don't Shoot Unless player is a Confirmed Threat
  7. Must always Move with the Clan


Member will have unit numbers assigned to them ( .eg Tony Unit 798A/B (A-Alpha, B-Bravo))

Servers: NewZ  004  Colorado

Apply here:0AEQqV7.png


Thank you for taking your time to read, Good luck and Watch your back out there!

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12 hours ago, HEARTBREAKER said:

Good luck boyzzz!!!! Svena69Cheers

Welcome to the community! <3


We are glad to have found this gem <3

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I applied for the Open World division of SLEC, I didn't know you guys had a Survivor division too. I much prefer Survivor mode, so if you guys are still recruiting for the Survival branch, I'm interested. It'd be nice to have a clan to farm loot and experience with.


Sounds like my exact playstyle, I tend to avoid players whenever I can and I don't attack them unless they attack me first. If they leave me alone, I leave them alone.

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