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Recruiting players that speak PERFECT ENGLISH

-We play NA/EU official, PVP servers, Caliwood, Survival, battle royale and many other games.

-Looking for devoted/loyal members with great teamwork and a chill/fun attitude. NO MULTICLANNING.

-Age requirement is 18+ (or close to it) Do not message us if you're an unreliable child who hops from clan to clan looking for instant gratification.

-The only main skill requirement we have is teamwork but -10,000 or +5000 would be good. If we decide that you have good teamwork or potential, we will make you a full member regardless of rep.

-Have a decent mic or headset/Play in a quiet environment with NO background noise.

-DO NOT SPAM/Respect all members in the game AND on discord/Be chill/don't rage and yell much or talk over people.

-NO HACKING/cheating/glitching, or anything that's bannable.

-Have a good GI and sustain your own GI. (we require screen shots of it.snipers,sniper ammo, dx, and shields)

-Don't make loot your focus, DO NOT beg for free stuff, and don't rage at people over gear.

-Be a TEAM PLAYER during pvp/learn callouts/don't touch peoples loot or make it your focus/don't ragequit/don't come in bambi.

-We have friendly members from all over the world. *We have clan shields on the marketplace. *Multiple private servers for DEVOTED members. *Many clan events with multiple prizes. Tell me a bit about yourself and follow up with a screenshot your ENTIRE characters page. After a short voice interview to determine if you're a good fit for this clan, we'll add your characters and give you a tour



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I'm 21 years old. Havent played NewZ a crazy amount because I just got into it however I have thousand of hours in WarZ and was top 100 assassins in V1. I have a 7.1 headset and I speak perfect english. Played in the best clan in the game back when it was WarZ (may be a little biased) so I know teamwork well and I dont care much about loot as long as it isnt being stolen. I dont have premium but i'll buy it right away if i'm recruited.

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