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What is going on????????

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After these two updates, I noticed that the snipers' accuracy has changed a lot.
Before the first 500mb update, everything was normal,
now with those two updates I had, my snipers, SP66, M107, OTS, are no longer as before.

This afternoon I was in the middle of the pvp in Caliwood,
I was playing from M107, and opponents players 100 meters away from me, the bullet simply made curves, or did not hit the head.

We were playing in 7 clan members, they also reported the same problem, and several other players are also reporting the same problem.

Request and responsible team to investigate all the snipers.
Thanks in advance.

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Not just the Sniper weapons whose accuracy has changed even quiet close up with an AR now is difficult I thought it was just me but I see I am not alone, the really bizzare bit is the missed shots when your looking down the scope at a target and fire and the bullet hits the building behind you a real WTF moment and it happens so much. Who ever thought this was a likely event needs to go and use some real guns.  Please remove this feature if it is a missfire you want to create then just have the weapon not shoot until player reloads to clear the jam baring in mind that any weapon that does that twice in a couple of minutes would be ditched. 

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