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Survival crafting Review

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General ideas: 

-Crafting as a levelable skill may be interesting, and there could be a leaderboard.  people like leveling skills.  

Current recipes:
Bandages - good
Poultice - uses duct tape which is too valuable considering the other items it is needed for
Pain killers - 3 pills + pill case isn't worth it considering how easy these are to get as drops

Antibiotics - 5 pills + pill case - this is decent and is the best way to use pills
medkit - 20 cloth 3 pain killers, 2 anti's, 2 leather, syringe - this would be great if it took more pain killers and no anti's.  Currently not worth it as I'd rather have 2 anti's most of the time. 
Leather - OK

Co1 vaccine - OK
empty bottle - GREAT
Cleaner - GREAT
Shank - Weapon isn't good enough to give up rags and duct tape that can be used for silencer  or brotherhood
Bada Boom - empty can, 5 gunpowder, 6 metal - meh... OK but I'm not likely to make this
Brotherhood - GREAT
Excessive force - gets rid of some otherwise not useful items to make a 50dmg melle - not likely to make it as it uses valuable duct tape

clean sweep - 1 broom, 1 m9 bayonet, 10 metal, - Not going to waste my m9's on an item i can find easily anyways
improvised gas mask - this item has no function in the game yet, why does it exist?
Wood - 5 sticks - What, am i going to pick up 5000 sticks to make a wood shield??
metal - 2 metal scrap - OK
Cano paddle / cricket bat - 75 wood (or 375 sticks) - NTY
Stone - 5 rocks - meh, thats a lot of rocks to make not a lot of arrows
Pickaxe - nty

fire axe - nty

police baton - i can pick up a better weapon any time of the day
bat - nty

metal bat - also a waste of time, damage is still aweful
spiked bat - this one isn;t terrible, but id make it from looted bats items, i wouldn't craft this pre-requisites
hatchet - OK
m9 bayonet - OK, i seem to loot a decent number of these anyways tho
machete - OK, and it's a decent melle
barbed wire barricade - April fools???
Wood shield barricle - April fools??? *svena's voice is heard maniacally laughing in the distance*

sandbag barricade - April fools????? again???
cusom vest - OK, but i can just go pick up a bunch of these anywhere anytime
Custom guerilla - OK, id make a couple at this cost
m9 helmet &M9 NVG - cost seems right, but then again I loot tons of these so why craft them?  Only if i have unused resources.  
Masks - these aren't actually useful, they are just for lolz
light & medium gear, fireman helmet, construction hat - this stuff is everywhere so why craft it.... (maybe to level up your crafting skill?)
IBA - the item is too common to bother crafting

binoculars - waste of resources, maybe if it at least made tactical binoculars, which is what the recipe seems to have the materials for anyways
Code locker - GREAT
Arrow - OK
Explosive Arrow - GREAT

Missing recipes (suggested materials):

Rag - 20 cloth 1 thread
Bandages DX - 25 cloth - 1 antibiotic - 2 painkillers - 3 bandages -  1 ointment
OR 12 cloth - 1 poultice - 1 antibiotic - 2 painkillers - 3 bandages
Duct tape - 1 glue - 25 cloth
Repair kit - 3 Wrenches, 8 metal
Gasoline - 20 plastic - 2 oil 


OK so here's where we'll get a little crazy.  

Lets make crafting a levelable skill.  1-99 (yes I played runescape once upon a time).  

You could make it a single skill, and that would be pretty cool and I would be happy.  But lets make it into a few different crafting skills.  

Skill 1: Medicine crafting

lvl 1 - bandages

lvl 12 - ointment

lvl 15 Poultice

lvl 26 - Pill case

lvl 31 - Pain killers

lvl 37 - syringe

lvl 48 - Antibiotics

lvl 55 - pills

lvl 68 - DX's

lvl 80 - Medkits

lvl 81-99 - bragging rights mostly

Skill 2 - Mechanic Crafting

lvl 1 - Wrench 

lvl 28 - gas

lvl 45 - repair kit

lvl  75 - deploy-able ATV - very expensive so use wisely.  Can be picked up or stolen, regular world spawn vehicles would not.  2 week cooldown before you can make another (account bound, not charachter bound) Requires premium to make, although it is trade able.  

Fill in the blanks with other vehicle stuff...

Skill 3 - Armor crafting

lvl 1 - light armor
lvl 18 - medium armor

lvl 20 - medium backpack

lvl 49 - large backpack

lvl 55 - IBA
lvl 70 - Alice pack
lvl 82 - milruck
lvl 88 - Hunter pack (2-4 more slots than milruck) - very expensive item to craft

Skill 4 - Weapons Crafting
lvl 1 - Kruger .22 mag 
lvl 4 - Kruger mini mag
lvl 9 - kruger rifle
lvl 15 - mp5 mag

lvl 25 - metal bat

lvl 28 - foregrip - 12 plastic?

lvl 35 - m4 (maybe 100 metal 40 plastic, plus some other materials)
lvl 55 - stanag 45 mags (gunpowder, metal, few plastic)
lvl 72 - AK drums (materials requirement set for game balance)
lvl 78 - FAL 
lvl 85 - SVD (1000 metal - 500 wood - 250 plastic - 250 sand for glass scope, etc) 6 week crafting cooldown, requires premium account to use this recipe
lvl 94 - Blaser (1200 metal - 200 wood - 800 plastic - 250 sand  ...maybe more it needs to be EXPENSIVE to craft a sniper) 10 week crafting cooldown, requires premium to use this recipe

Fill in the blanks with other weapons, ammo, and attachments.  Balance cost for gameplay.  Yes I am suggesting craftable snipers; please keep in mind I am suggesting it in a way where it does NOT make snipers much easier to get than they presently are.  The requirement for premium (money spent), and a long cooldown make this hard to abuse in any way.  

Combine this with a new currency for survival mode (already in the works?), and i think survival becomes a VERY robust game-mode.  

PART 3: misc comments on survival

1) Revive timer should be 3 mins premium 5 mins normal.  This is such a perfect amount of time that I'm kinda shocked that it isn't already set there.  Any additional amount of time just makes people not want to play the game, but it's still enough so a fight can resolve before people start spawning back in.  Also, 10 minute normal timer means non-premium people can't get their loot back after they crash and a zombie eats their face, or after a vehicle glitch decides to kill them.  

2) Redo the skill tree and make it unique to survival.  Break up hardened into hardened 1, 2, and 3.  Currently the hardened vs bambi advantage is too much, considering the bambi's are going to suck anyways!

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1 hour ago, drsnipe said:

good one :)

Full list of current items that are worth the time of day:



empty bottle



hatchet (kinda)

machete (kinda)

custom guerilla (kinda)

code locker

arrows / explosive arrows

Thats only 11 items

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Doing this update, i think, would increase the player base massively.  

This caters to the PVE player, many of whom do not really like pvp much.  it's also good for player who like to do both PVE and PVP.  And newz really has nothing but pvp content presently.  Killing supers is not much in the way of pve content.  Implementing and eventually expanding on this system would be huge towards increasing the player base.  More players = more $ for NewZ, which is of course why companies make games.  

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On 4/16/2018 at 9:37 PM, Vintorez said:

I like some of these ideas, thanks for taking the time in making this thread!


Don't read too much into any one detail of it, instead I think it is the idea in general that should be considered.  The details would obviously be revised many many times over before ever making it into the live game.  

The core of the concept is:  "crafting as a level-able skill(s) that can make many useful items"

Any1 reading this has to keep in mind that the goal is NOT to make survival full of endless items like open world.  Resource requirements can be adjusted to keep item rarity balanced, and loot spawn rates can be tweaked to account for the fact that some items are being crafted.  

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