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I want to start off by saying I very much enjoy playing NewZ. Overall, it's a great gaming platform, but it still has some issues. Understandably, some of these issues are inherent in games and are basically the 'nature of the beast'. It's how these issues are handled that can make or break a game.

In the year that I have been playing this game and contributing to this forum, I have made a few decisions about my gameplay.

First, After many months of purchasing an Extreme account, I will no longer be buying this type of upgrade. I am tired of receiving mostly helmets and armor. There are many more items that are better and should be available as rewards. In the last month, I have received helmets twice and armor once. I already have well over 2500 of each of these items that are useless to me since I have much better equipment available. I have tried to suggest a way to be able to sell back all the excess inventory, but that has fallen on deaf ears.

Second, I have made a number of suggestion to improve gameplay. Some have been implemented, others have not. Some have not even received a response from the administrative staff. For example, I have reported on numerous occasions the influx of randomly placed boulder piles that have no rhyme or reason. I was told to keep bringing it to your attention but to no avail. The disruption of the flow across the entire map is frustrating at best. Other items I tried to report are disappearing buildings, trees growing out of the middle of objects that have been on the map since I began playing. (Both of these issues are located in Death Valley) I even had a GI Access Locker removed for no reason. However, this has been returned to me.

Third, There needs to be some kind of moderator to help keep the foul language out of the game. Yes, you have a language filter, but players get around this by being creative. Also, the offensive character names need to be screened better. Some of the character names are extremely offensive both racially and sexually. This particular point needs attention.

Fourth, For a few weeks now, it has been promised over and over that there would be an improvement made to the crafting system in Survival mode. This has not happened other than to add lockers, arrows and exploding arrows. You should have added tools to be able to harvest needed items to for crafting.

Fifth, Vehicles. In my opinion, the only vehicle worth having and driving is the ZK Stryker. It's fast enough to get around rather quickly, it's powerful enough to be able to climb hills (even some steep inclines) and it handles very well at top speed. I don't want to get into too many details but, can you maybe improve the handling of the ATV, Humvee, and Buggy? While driving these vehicles in a straight line, they have a tendency to swerve and fishtail for no apparent reason. (also I think you should move the speedometer off the mini map and put it at the top of the screen with the compass)

Sixth, I have reported on a couple occasions that the hit radius for zombies, especially the Super and Alien zombies, is far too big. I have been hit by a super while standing on top of a building which, in most cases, is out of his reach.

Seventh and final point, Server hopping. There should be a cool down period for switching servers. This is used by players to try to farm airdrops. This is most inherent in Survival. I won't say anything more on this subject.

I fully understand that it is a monumental task trying to keep a game of this magnitude running. However, by not fixing issues that have been pointed out by the community, you are hurting your own efforts. I applaud your efforts to create new and improved maps, but before doing this, the issues with the old maps should have been taken care of first. That builds a much more loyal following.

I will still be playing, but not at the level of an Extreme account. I do enjoy the game. And, as I always say, Have a Nice Day!!! B|

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Thank you for bringing up all these points and concerns! I apologize if any of your past threads or comments were left unanswered. Feel free to contact me anywhere in private if you prefer to bring issues to my attention. You will always receive a response, most times within 2 hours.

#1: I can't address or comment on everything mentioned in this thread but the developers are currently coming up with ideas for players to exchange excess loot or items for a currency as an example which you can then use to get a 1 good item. The main "reward" for the Extreme account subscription is the GC skin boxes, if you aren't interested in these I highly suggest either the Premium or Deluxe account upgrade.

#2: Also if you found map issues and these have not been fixed please message me and I will get them directly to our mapper to be fixed.

#3: I agree the profanity filter could use an update or tweak, I will speak with the staff team about this and what can be done in the future. (If you run into someone with an offensive name and it's obvious they did this on purpose report them in-game FIRST and if you wish message me if i'm online and I will gladly look into it for you.)

#4: I wouldn't have information regarding this but I know it's in the works.

#5: Thank you for the suggestions and feedback about the vehicles, I will let other people comment about this if they want.

#6: I will ask to have this looked at when possible, I know what you are pointing out with this issue.

#7: I can't comment on this either, I will let someone else reply if they feel like it.

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Thanks for responding to my post. I have something to add to 2 of the items.

#2 The map issues of boulder mounds and disappearing buildings I have reported on a number of occasions. @Svena69 can show you what and where I reported. There are way too many locations to repeat here.

#3 I have, on almost a daily basis, reported both obscene and vulgar character names and text chat language. (I have my voice chat shut off so I don't hear what is being said). I also made the suggestion that the mute feature be expanded to include the text chat and not just the voice chat.

As far as the reward system for the different levels, I tried to suggest that the higher the paid level, the better the awards should be. However, I was shut down on that suggestion. Afterall, if you join a club and pay a higher premium, you expect a higher level of service. It's the same here. I'm now playing with a premium account and am receiving the same level rewards I did with my extreme account.

I have tried to be constructive with my comments about the game. Most have been answered with the respect they deserve, but the implementation is lacking in a lot of ways. I just hope that this game doesn't fall between the cracks like a former game I played of this same genre.

That's all I have to add at the moment. Sorry I haven't gotten back to you sooner, I was having computer issues.

As always... Have a Nice Day!!! It is Friday the 13th isn't it? LOL B|

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I appreciate the time you made to post and reply on this thread. I will catch up on your name reports when I can. Like I said above if you ever need something urgent PLEASE don't hesitate to message me. Also if you need help with your computer trouble feel free to let me know, I would be happy to try and help. :)

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On 13/04/2018 at 9:05 PM, CampersRUs said:


Merci de répondre à mon message. J'ai quelque chose à ajouter à 2 des articles.

# 2 Les problèmes de carte des monticules de blocs et des bâtiments en voie de disparition que j'ai rapportés à plusieurs reprises. @ Svena69  peut vous montrer quoi et où j'ai signalé. Il y a beaucoup trop d'endroits pour répéter ici.

# 3 J'ai, presque tous les jours, rapporté à la fois des noms de personnages obscènes et vulgaires et un langage de chat textuel. (J'ai mon chat vocal éteint, donc je n'entends pas ce qui est dit). J'ai également suggéré que la fonction de sourdine soit élargie pour inclure le chat de texte et pas seulement le chat vocal.

En ce qui concerne le système de récompense pour les différents niveaux, j'ai essayé de suggérer que plus le niveau de rémunération est élevé, plus les prix devraient être meilleurs. Cependant, j'ai été fermé sur cette suggestion. Après tout, si vous adhérez à un club et payez une prime plus élevée, vous vous attendez à un niveau de service plus élevé. C'est pareil ici. Je joue maintenant avec un compte premium et je reçois les mêmes récompenses de niveau que j'ai obtenues avec mon compte extrême.

J'ai essayé d'être constructif avec mes commentaires sur le jeu. La plupart ont reçu une réponse avec le respect qu'ils méritent, mais la mise en œuvre fait défaut à bien des égards. J'espère juste que ce jeu ne tombera pas entre les failles comme un ancien jeu que j'ai joué de ce même genre.

C'est tout ce que j'ai à ajouter pour le moment. Désolé je ne suis pas revenu à vous plus tôt, j'avais des problèmes d'ordinateur.

Comme toujours ... Bonne journée !!! C'est vendredi le 13 n'est-ce pas? LOLB|

I agree with that. I will also give up the premium account because dear for what it is ... just the free bus and some average gifts ...

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