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Twitch Drops Now Available!

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Dear Players,


We are very excited to finally announce that The New Z is now integrated with the Twitch Drops system. This means players are now able to get a Twitch Box just by watching their favorite streamers on Twitch.tv.

This announcement is just an update to let you all know that Drops are now enabled. We would ask everyone wondering how the Drops work to go to the following link: https://playnewz.com/drops.php or click here.

With the Twitch Drops we aim to grow our community on Twitch.tv and reward players more. The system currently rewards players for every 1 hour they watch an Infestation: The New Z stream. Once again for all that information please go to the link posted above.

As of right now the Twitch Box contains the same items / skins as the Easter Egg Basket. (Currently available because of the Easter Week) After the Easter Week event the box will get updated with different rewards and after that we wait until we've patched. After upcoming patch we aim to fill up the Twitch Box with special new items / skins that are going to be obtainable only by getting Twitch Drops. NOTE: You can always check live what you can get out of the box by going into the in-game marketplace and when selecting the Twitch Box you can click on "see content" to see what's inside.

If you have any more questions feel free to ask us in the comments or just make a support ticket at https://playnewz.com/support.php


Best Regards,


// The New Z - Staff Team

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21 minutes ago, Lauchboy said:

Now the only thing I am missing to become a successfull streamer is some delicious bonkers to show in the camera :)

the only thing to start streaming is to leave where im living, cuz here i can get max 2mb/s internet :)

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32 minutes ago, mrSsTARVATION said:

now we just need skins to be reworked and come to steam comunity market and the game will blow up in popularity.


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13 hours ago, callmeblack said:



I guess it just depends on what you're looking for. If you don't want any of the Easter stuff, then you should wait. :D

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I am not sure if saving the box will allow you to open it up with different content later...

Don´t think the devs will want that to happen especially since it is not 100 safe that the system is kept as it is and ther will most likely be a change in drop rate

1 box/hour is just too much

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2 hours ago, Tepsawan said:

 box/hour is just too much

1 box an hour is not too much, of course this depends entirely on the content and % chance of the better items.  If it has a 50% chance of giving me a stanag mag, 40% chance of giving me a bullet comp, 9% chance at a premium skin, and 1% chance at a good skin, then the drop rate is of course just fine!

Right now it is giving mostly easter skins, which aren't that great but are really funny to have!!!

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Guys! Just an update for you all:

We are leaving the drops as of how they are until further notice. We aim to a patch very soon and with that we aim to update the box and it's content then.

To give you all an idea: we plan on creating content specially for this box that will ONLY be obtainable through the box. We plan on adding extremely rare, new items to the box so that we might be able to have the Drops on permanently on Twitch. At the same time there will also be items more common in the box.

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Hey there,

I am a data-fetishist and saw an opportunity to get some research done, so I recorded the Viewercounts and Number of Streamers on Twitch after the Launch of Twitch-Box drops. My initial thought was that intruducing this feature is a genius step to taka and helps the game in many ways. 

Here are my findings:



- I took the data every 8 hours so I had three values a day to calculate the average. There is a high probability those numbers are lower than what they factually were, because I missed peaks and power hours

- The two graphs (and figures) were picked because of my research questions: How does the introduction impact viewercount? and Can a measure like this bring back or activate streamers and boost the overall community?

- I only counted streams with at least 2 views, because there were a lot with 0 or just themselves watching ^^

- I only published the graphs, but in case you are interested in the actual numbers you can PM me for the data set


Basic Findings:

- Fuck yeah, those numbers sky-rocketed into heaven! I don´t have actuall numbers pre measurement, but my educated guess were aprocimately 50-100 Viewers. So the intrudction caused a growth of at least 2000%, which is a ridiculous number in the business world (my nipples get hard when I read this)

- The long term impact is to be determined and the overall trend makes it look like a slow decline is taking place already (significant effect for at least 4-6 more weeks)

- The number of streamers increased significantly. The rise consisted of old and new faces

- The rise in streamers occured slightly delayed to the increase in total viewer numbers, hence we can prove that the big increase in viewerbase in fact is a mayor reason for people to stream the game.


What we can derive from the findings:

- The introduction of regular twitch lootboxes had great effect on the over all streaming activities and therefore on the health and state of the game in total.

- Long term effect is to be determined and highly depends on how the company decides to continue. My numbers indicate the necessity to be proactive and "ride the wave" for as long as possible

- I assume the generall success can be a role model for similar games in a similar situation. It will be interesting to see the development and how twitch will react to it especially considering the high number of "afk box farmers"


Mayor points of concern:

- The very high number of inactive viewers and possible multi-accounts to farm even more and even faster

- The ridiculous inflation in twitch boxes leads to their de-valuation and ultimately to people loosing interest and stopping to farm them

- Necessity to create proactive measures to sustain this level of activity and interest.


Possible Measures to counteract the points of concern:

I am still not quite sure how twitch itself sees the recent development in the game and a possible adoption by a fair share of the market. Twitch.tv might not want so see that high numbers of inactive viewers, but on the other hand they are owned by Amazon and only interested in the numbers as well. Facebook is boosting the views of videos on their platform by shady methods as well so fuck it I guess ^^ . In case they migh come up with concers, there could be the need for measures to stop multiaccounts. This could be by making twitchboxes and their content account-bound

The announcement of new content for the twitch box might the the main reason for most people to keep farming, but still there are hundreds of people with hundreds of boxes already and as soon as the new contents are out, the generall interest might plummet.

The total amount of boxes generated right now is just too high. Making boxes drop once every two hours or totally random might be necessary to slow down inflation.

Alternatively the chances to get the rare content have to be ridiculously low. This can technically work, but there is the risk of making it unhealthy -and again- cause players  to loose interest

A third option could be a regular rotation in content or even making the items limited in availability for only that timeframe. 



Over all the introduction of the boxes was a widely positive move and I think many others could follow your example. Now the task is to keep up the hype, ride the wave and sustain the trend for as long as possible. I will continue to collect the data.

Ultimately its up to the devs to intruduce additional measures, to the streamers to keep the people entertained and finally to the viewers to keep supporting. 


Love, Hugs n Kisses

Lauch <3

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