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Some suggestions after playing about 500 BR matches on Tropico

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Hey there,


I feel like this forum is a pretty well frequented platform to create a post full of opinions and ideas about the tropico BR map. I get that right now Arizona V2 is the one go-to map, but in my opinion Tropico is very fun to play and has the potential to become or stay relevant for a long time.

I personally play this game (and and prodeccors)for years now and got to see all the ups and downs of it. Ihave a history of designing maps for several multiplayer strategy games like Age of Empires or Battle for Middleearth using the map editors/scripting that came with those games (long time ago this was standard). Even though BR is not quite the same, it is still fairly similar and runs on the same basic principles of multiplayer games. Fairness and equality of opportunity, multiple ways of strategy crafting and counterplay, right balance between luck and skill, diversity. I will talk about those four in detail and use them later in this post to prove my suggestions. I put a round of BR into three phases 1) Early game from start to release of radiation 2) Midgame from release of radiation to the last 500m or 10 people   3) The Lategame or showdown where the ultimate winners is determined


1. Fairness and equality of opportunity

There is nothing more disrupting and unsatisfying in a game than feeling like you had no chance to win because of external factors you have no impact on. If somebody dies because of a bad decision of his or a coincidence that is fine, but spawning somewhere and getting killed right away or loosing/winning because o a completly unfair flag placement feel really bad. 


2. Multiple ways of strategy crafting and counterplay

This is why people love Battle Royal. It is the ultimate challenge, it´s you versus me. It is the most realistic and pure way of competing with each other online. Know your strengths and play to them, use your experience and outsmart, outskill and outplay everybody. This is the goal we have to achieve with this game mode. Everybody has a different playstyle and a unique niche. The map/game should allow you to to use and abuse that. Evaluating after a round finished, how it played out, things that could have been done differently and decisions  that might have changed the outcome is key because it ultimately causes us to play another round after that. Being left in a spot where your own fate was sealed without you having an impact on it is devastating.


3. Right balance between luck and skill

This is a quite easy one. For every round of BR, every player participating should have a chance to win it no matter if he is super skilled or a total noob. Of course the skilled and experienced player might win  more games in total but there should always be a chance for upsets while the law of large numbers (dropping the math knowledge) will grant more wins to the higher skilled. NewZ(in all forms and names starting from WarZ) always had issues with newcomer friendlyness and offering an easy entrance is key to maintaining and/or growing the playerbase


4.  Diversity

Of course the map/spawns/safezones should offer enough deversity to maintain interest. there is not much more to say than that the gameplay,surroundings,strategy should change depending on your surroundings and a good map can provide that


Main Body


To visualizy I edited the map and in the following I will explain all my paint drawings.



The black circles with areas of little to no gameplay

I would categorize spawns into three major grous 

1) The massacre spawns-> Areas like Direfield, Silverville or the train depot have massive loot and players. Spawning there means your will have to be carefull wit every corner, but surviving this results in perfect equipment.

2) The headsup spawns -> Motel or military compound are spawns where you have to expect a few others to be there. Usually this results in one or two big fights where the winner takes it all.

3) The isolation areas -> Thos are mainly the ones with black circlies. They contain barely enough loot to equip one person and having to fight 5 other guys for that is damn anoying.


Having the right balance between those three categorys is key for having a diverse gamemode with scenarios that might come in handy for different types of players. 

While I think that 1) and 2) are quite fine the way they are, the areas with category 3) sometimes hold up bad surprises. Two groups of three people having to fight for one of those and the winner more often than not being decided by pure luck of spawn is really dissatisfying. It goes in conflict with pretty much all the basic principles I named before. Those areas should be starting points to equip you with tools to go and hunt for players or more loot somewhere else. They should be options to path through for players taking the risk. Over all there could be way more of those 10-15 item spots arround the map. They serve as a hiding spot and an option to look for additional loot during the midgame, but they should not be something to fight for at the Eaerly Game. Players could calculate the risk of getting camped there and the chance to get the extra 2-3 meds or ammo while pathing toward the safezone. It should ultimately be a playstyle or situational decision

In general I would recommend adding more, smaller areas for looting like little roadblocks, carcrashes or just stuff like tents with 5-10 items. Maybe there could be a train with drailed parts arround the G9 square area or some haystacks and a tractor between motel and the church that block vision. Double the size of the parking space south of direfield to turn it into a headsup spawn. Add/change the church area a bit, make the empty center of silverville into a park thingy with trees, bushes etc. Just a lot of quality of life changes

The south-western part of the map does that quite well with all the wrecked cars on the streets and the one small hill that blocks a lot of vision


The void areas (red circles)

While I enjoy the different experience I have when fighting the close combat style in those massacre areas and the  mosin/AR fights in wide open fields, The areas I marked in red are nothing but void that you eventually have to pass through in some scenarios. They add no depth to the game and the space could be used more effectively in alternate ways.

1) The foolshope beach is rerally nothing but a fools hope. An area that central and higly frequented could be used differently. If tropico is the holiday island I think it was intended to be, there should be some use to the arguably most beautifull beach it has. Maybe there should be something like two hotels under construction. The model is used in open world frosty and adding some trucks or machinery for contruction is easy

2) The area north of silent hill is maybe the most underused of them all. There is really no reason to be there other then the occasional safezone. Maybe adding a farm or a few cabins in that small"valley" north of the tower helps or a few ruins arround tha beach area that are connected through a road to the military outpost. Over all using the space provided by the map is good and necessary

3) Why not add a few of thos oil digging thingys that were used just south of whiteburry. They would add another opportunity for loot, cover and a potential safezone

4) I personally HATE this area. It is a waste of space, no gameplay and a hill that offers no cover until you reach Direfield. I have no definite solution for what to add or chance, but a radiotower and like an additional small building on top of that mountain might make sense. Some smaller trees on the side of the mountain might give help hiding and why not give the mountain a mining entrance to the east like Norad has with a few additional buldings.

5) A solid six squares of nothingness. I kin of like the design of the hills and forrest, but I feel like a classic plane wreck with wide spread boxes, containers and loot would add something to this area.


The problems in need for a fix. (blue circles)

1) The fixes a few patches ago adressed the issue of the bottleneck. People were forced to cross through the water and basically  hope that nobody waits on the other side. Even though the changes helped, it is still an issue and a gamble. The problem is that standing on one coast you can easily controll an area as big as six squares and react to whatever you see. My idea for a possible fix is adding a small island arround H4 with hills, cliffs and something like a lighthouse to block vision from one coast to the other. This cuts the time spent crossing through unprotected water by a lot and adds another potential area for depth in spawn/loot/flag etc. This is quite important as there is nothing more frustrating than having to cross while knowing that there is somebody on the other side behind a tree just waiting for an easy kill and free loot.

2) This one is specifically for the one safezone appearing at the far eastern end of the airfield. It is a pain in the ass and after the two rocks to the north and south are taken by players, there is no chance whatsoever for the other 40. As long as there is no way to slowly progress towards the flag without having to run through 200 meters of open field (or the option of cars), this is an unhealthy spot for the flag to spawn, there is virtually NO counterplay. There should at least be more rocks and cars/containers etc. to work with. Maybe add some more land to se south so you could take an additional path.

3) I just dont like that tower there. It makes no sense thematically and gameplaywise. Replacing it with a radiotower and one or two additional buildings would maintain the little use it has right now while adding so actual game- and counterplay to this area. It is just a minor issue though  and mainly has to do with the tower being one of those "draw" spots where you can end up with two people sitting behind a corner of the stairways and waiting for the other to push ^^ I have been through this like a thousand times at my beloved Ridgeway Airport



Cars in Tropico - hell on earth?

I don´t think so. cars should be a way of fast and relatively safe transportation with the additional chance to run over some unlucky nerd. Having them makes the airdrop a more interesting and non luck based objective to fight for and opens up some strategies for the mid to endgame. Of course there should be counterplay and a good amount of cover available. I personally thought about sandbag barricades as a viable solution but I also heard talking about traps like claymores on stream. Overall the humvee was hell on earth, but the buggy and ZK could be destroyed quite easily . Those two and the recently implemeted quad might actually be healthy for the game.

Another idea I came up when cars actually were in Tropico BR was making the rails an actuall barrier everywhere. There was some buggy areas where you could not drive over them, but having this for all the rails all over the map does give some extra cover to "pedestrians" and turns the two bridges into very important key areas to play arround



Items in BR could use some  more changes in my opinion. 

Things I could imagine being a valuable addition:

- Ghillie Suit (come on that is basically the best item to hide and seek with)

- Pistol Silencer (would help with those nasty Z-boys and could also make pistols viable becaose of the sneaky beeky factor)

- more and differen melees (its not like the people of tropico only had machetes in their houses) 

- maybe a VSS Compact/FN Fal as an additional option for airdrops

- sandbag barricades (cover to some degree, potential counter to cars and a way to climb buildings/use the environment)

- civilian guns like the kruger item line (to make the actual stanag guns more valuable and add depth and a tier list to the loot you already gathered)


Things I personally do not like to see:

- Pistol laser (seriously fuck that one xD)

- maybe the high variety in items of the same use (scopes, ammo etc.) but this could be just me 


Generally speaking Items should reflect the different types of startegy. The three man mosin group is one of those. Maybe nades should get more use and some safezones where they can actually shine. Right now most of them are just to wide spread and open for nades to be usefull. The silencer for pistols might be another one. 



Phew that was an awkward lot of writing and I surely will not read through it a second time or check for spelling.

I hope for feedback and a positive discussion, hopefully my thoughts can help improve this game

Love, hugs and kisses

Lauch <3


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Hey man! I took my time to read the entire post and I have to be honest that you made a great job there! Sorry for not replying earlier but I literally didn't see that post. 

  • First of all, I will go through your first point and the thing that we are working hard on making fair all the spawns on that map. Because I know that there is still some spawns that are totally unfair and randomly placed between 2 places which means when you reach one of those places: it's empty of loot because someone already went there or you will have to fight fully geared players with your hands. Anyways, this is going to be fixed for the next patch. 
  • About the point 2 and 3 I don't really know what to answer but I will look into it.
  • About the diversity, as we will add new places and rework some other places + updating the loot you will get more diversity for sure. But we don't want to change it too much otherwise we could unbalance the map even more.

About the items, I will keep it and report it to the right staff member and think about ideas as we are currently looking for feedbacks regarding the loot. Thanks!

The cars on that map are a good idea and I think the best thing will be that we create a poll for that. At my eyes the buggy and the quad are the only car we should add as you can easily hit the player inside the vehicule (and so kill him.)

Regarding the different areas (red / black and blue) I will personally investigate it and think with @Silenterror on possible fixes for those. You made an awesome job there and we are looking for the same report on Arizona! :)

Expect changes on the next patch for that map.

Have a great day! 

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13 hours ago, kazmightONFIRE said:

we are looking for the same report on Arizona!

I dont play Arizona. The map itself looks amazing, but I enjoy Tropico too much to swap ^^

I have quite a few other ideas for tropico though and will add them here when I get the time to


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Hi it´s me again :)


I´ve been taking Notes during my play for the last couple of days and here is a few findigs, espacially bugs or unhealthy spawns.



Red Circles:

Those are the spawns I had during those days that felt really unsatisfying.  Every lootable area close has at least one spawn that is way closer and guaranteed to get guns long before you do. Additionally there is almost no chance to sneak up and grab something because the area is so open.

If you spawn at any of those, you basically have to pray to the mighty lord fredaikis himself that either one of the other spawns did not have players or those spawning there are dumb/blind enough to let you get your hands on a gun


Black Circles:

I am not quite sure about those areas... There is more than one spawn and usually everybody has at least a chance to get an item or two. But since the spawning parties are aware of each other it will come down to who can get a gun (or the better gun) first and just steamroll the other. 

This is a gameplay decision i guess and I can see a few upsides, but on the other hand it feels bad to get last place because the other guy (or even a group) got scars while you end up with a mossberg. It is a gamble, thats why I called it 50/50. This is especially bad for people with longer loading times since those 5-10 seconds make it impossible to grab anything at all.


Purple Circles:

This is a nothing but a bugreport. The zombies in those particular areas have bugged drops. In most cases they drop nothing, but it sometimes occures that they drop  random and useless stuff like NVGs, gasoline, repairkits or shields (OK shields are usefull, but I dont think it is intended here)

I am not sure where the error lies in this, but it just feels bad.


Todays Item Changes:

I liked the todays changes in general and the additions/removals were good. (even though I am slightly salty you did not follow my recommendations :P)

It appears that the removed Items (pistol laser, acog, mocular grip) still spawn. It is more rare, but I definitly saw them.

Also on a personal note I would rather remove Cobra and Holographic than ACOG, because using them in first person is horrible compared to what the acog offers, but thats just my opinion :)


Keep up the good work,

Hoping for feedback again ;)


Lauchi <3


P.S. I might giva Arizona a try and do a similar report there

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