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An interesting offer for the game Battle Royal

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Hello, I found in the discord, in the section-feedback- 
 surprisingly interesting offer for the game Battle Royal.  I think a lot of people will like this offer. And that's what he's offering.


ALIEN-Вчера в 17:37

Hi! The proposal, which will delight all players of the battle Royal. I have been in the game for a long time since the alpha version of the game, and over the years I have seen many times the displeasure of players and newcomers battle Royal about Match History. Now in history we see for 1 place a gold star, and for the second and third place there is nothing? It's frustrating to many players especially beginners. Have often heard newcomers rejoiced in third or second place and then they were upset not seeing anything for the 2nd and 3rd place in Match History. They and I not understand why there is no for the second place silver stars, and for third bronze? Not good, because the second and third place is also a good achievement for players and especially for beginners, and it does not appear in Match History. The proposal is to make History in the Match for the 1st place gold medal 2nd place silver 3rd place bronze. And here there is another super offer a New table battle Royal . Table like on Olympic games world Yes Yes as in OLYMPIC GAMES ))) . And I think she should look like that? 1) nick of the player. 2) gold medal and their number. 3) Silver medal and their number.4) Bronze medal and their number.4) Total number of all medals. I think such changes are well suited to open a new seasonal battle Royal. Who likes these changes put your finger in the top! Thank You! All the luck the good mood and new victories!
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