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So after being away for now like a year or 2, I Finally am making a return to this game, I Left just before the steam release.. Got alot of catching up to do.. Is PF a clan anymore? Any of the old players about?

Axe mango?


Becides that im looking for a clan to help get me started. Dont worry about inventory slots.. I have a shit ton of gear from last time, Also if you cant remb me - ill chuck the youtube in this post.

Looking foward to hearing from you guys!

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On 13/02/2018 at 12:16 PM, jewdiciousorange said:

join then leaves clano.O

Hey man, Sorry i didn't leave? I haven't been on much. 

I accidentally left the discord server and i have no idea how to get back. And on the clan side of things.. I got kicked out of the group? I didnt leave buddy?

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