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My ideas:

1 - profile:
It would be a big draw if each player has a profile.
Very good if you show up there, who you killed the most and who killed you the most!
Favorite victim
And if hangman ..
It would generally be a great demand for revenge, to try to match the number of deaths, the hunted by the favorite victim and his executioner would be insane. Lol

View status

2 - What about a naval base in the Colorado Sea or Calwood?
A giant airplane port with several respaw up on the airstrip ..
And under him in the corridors and rooms .. it would be very crazy this

Or An island in the sea..

Or a mine of minerals, deep in the caliwood rails. Subsoil
(It would be like a revival of area 69) Area 69 had its bug ... but pvp was crazy

3 - on respaw protect, it should shine only for the player itself and not for others ..

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On 2017-6-17 at 5:23 AM, kazmightONFIRE said:

Eu tenho que reconhecer que eu matei mais jogadores do que zombis lmao


Haha good!
About the profile, see who else killed you. And who did you kill the most.
Would lead to greater demand for revenge.
All would try to balance the number of deaths between favorite victim and his greatest executor.
The quest for revenge would be great.
Would be an insane hunt.
Imagine seeing her kill a player 30 times, and see her killing me 50 times I would try to hunt you to try to make you my favorite victim and kill you more than she killed me ..

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