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Massive amount of Hackers

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So That last patch that was 22MB really just broke the game. I am sure you already know but there are tons of dudes hacking right now with unlimited ammo , Invisible, and they seem to be able to kill people and have another players name come up rather than theirs. EX: We were in a server my clan and another clan got killed by hackers they thought it was one of our guys. Then later I was killed by the hacker and it was one of their guys names that popped up. Soo I dont know how that got so messed up but hope you guys can get this fixed soon.

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4 hours ago, Skillerfreak said:

There are not even cheating man. It was just a bug which got fixed like 40 minutes ago :) 

Thanks for the heads up.

The problem was on our end/servers and has been patched and fixed.



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