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SuperCup 1/2 Finals & Finals - [21/12 - 23/12]

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Dear players,

We start now in a simple tournament tree with all the best teams from the Group phase. We are here in the 1/2 finals now!

Every team in that picture ( the picture will upload later in the day ) are qualified and are participating to the 1/2 finals. 

We would like to share a special message regarding the Group phase, the Round of 16 and the 1/4 finals. It was clearly a success and we would like to congratulate every team for being serious, even to the teams that are disqualified! That was our first tournament and this is already a success so far. Congratulations to everyone! :) 


Now let's jump into the schedulation of every matches left.



- Every game will be set on our timezone (GMT +1).

- Don't forget to read the lastest news right here:



If any match could not be organized on the schedules we choose, what are the consequences?

If the 2 teams can not play on that scheduled time, they can find another date to play the match, there is absolutely no problem but you will have to inform us before the 21/12 at 6:00 PM GMT +1 After this date, the match cannot be re-scheduled. (kazmightONFIRE and Chupacabra). 
If your match could not be organized because the other team did not reply, your team wins the match. 
If your match could not be organized because your team and the other one did not find any compromise due to the different timezones, each team will receive 1 point (It's a draw.)





Match 1: GODS 0-3 HIGH - December 21th - 9:00 PM (GMT+1)

Match 2: ZTEX 3-0 MCR0 - December 21th - 8:30 PM (GMT+1)



3rd place final: GODS 3-0 MCR0 December 22th - 8:00 PM (GMT+1)

1st place final: HIGH 0-3 ZTEX - Match done.


1st: ZT3X!

2nd: HIGH

3rd: GODS

4th: MCR0

5th: DDO5



Best regards,

// The New Z - Staff Team

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