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Patch Notes - 2017/01/17

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Dear players,

It's been a while since our last patch / game update. We are sorry for this. Christmas, new year came through, but we're fully 'back to business' now. Let's get into the patch notes:

Overall Updates:

  • Global anti-cheat updates.
  • Beginner servers limit is now 72 hours. Players can play on beginner servers up to 72 hours now, instead of 24.
  • 'Streamer Accounts' are no longer able to join beginner servers.
  • 'Streamer Accounts' no longer have a legendary icon in front of their name in the tab list.
  • 'High jump' is now available in private servers again.
  • Christmas trees have been removed from all the maps.
  • Christmas zombies have been removed.
  • The 'FN FAL' and 'Scar H' are no longer usable on AR Only servers as those 2 guns are now considered as snipers.
  • Fixed the amount of glow on light swords and other glowing objects. - The glow amount is now reduced.
  • Fixed a major freeze / crash cause in maps: Caliwood, Colorado V2/V1 & Battle Royale. (In rd3log it would spam something related to 'terrain tiles') This is now fixed.
  • Fixed a major bug that caused random snipers to have random skinned scopes.
  • Fixed the Admin Kick Button for private servers on the menu.
  • Fixed the bug where players couldn't delete characters and got 'error code: 5'.
  • Item boxes no longer have a chance of spawning heavy armors.
  • Each terrain type (when shooting) now has it's own particles and sounds. When you shoot snow, the bullet hit partlicle would look snowy. When you shoot water you now see water partcles etc.
  • Before the game would use 1 default particle for every terrain type, now it will use different particles depending on what terrain type the player hits.
  • Reworked bullet impacts for each terrain type. When shooting metal now it actually shows random metal bullet hits, and when shooting wood it actually shows random wood bullet hits, & more. Before it would ONLY ALWAYS show the concrete bullet hit.
  • Fixed a bug that players could abuse to join AR / SNIPER ONLY servers by joining through the ''recent servers" tab.

Coming soon:

  • There will be more information about this subject as soon as the servers are down.

UI Updates:

  • Added a new feature in the global inventory in the main menu: players can now search for items in their global inventory. They can either do this by opening their global inventory and start typing or by clicking on the 'search' icon.
    ^ This search function is also available in the in-game vault. (when accesing global inventory while being in-game)
  • Added a second screen after players clicking on 'Battle Royale'. The reason we added this button in between is to avoid players from accidently clicking a Battle Royale and then instant join. Now if they click on the Battle Royale button accidently they still have a chance to click on 'back'.
  • This screen in between is also going to be used as a 'map selection' screen later when we finished our second Battle Royale map. (This map is still work in progress but coming soon!)
  • Updated the menu UI background and removed the christmas themed one.
  • Added to the options menu: a button to enable / disable the client-sided headshot feedback sound. (For players that don't want to hear this headshot sound confirmation)
  • Added to the options menu: a button to enable / disable the sprint sensitity change. In the past we've released an update that changed this but some players liked it and some didn't. That's why we added the option so players can decide themselves.
    ^ Please note that these 2 options are only changable in the menu OUTSIDE of game servers.
  • Added a little SafeZone icon next to a players nametag if they have spawnprotection.
  • Fixed a Crash Related to Accepting Rewards.
  • Spawn protection colors are now changeable and for sale. They can be bought in the marketplace and set on the 'customize' screen of your character. Each character can have their own spawn protection color.
  • NOTE: Please keep in mind that this is first release and some colors might not be entirely perfect. If a certain color is 'broken' please let us know so we can update / fix it. Available colors are:
    • Red
    • Blue
    • White
    • Yellow
    • Orange
    • Grey
    • Purple
    • Light blue
    • Pink

Sound Updates:

  • Added 2 new sounds for headshots. 1 plays locally and is an instant feedback on a player as soon as he shoots a headshot. The other headshot sound plays when you get shot in the head, your friends around you will also hear this.
  • We suggest players to test the new sounds out themselves to fully understand when what plays. Also something cool to know is that the headshot sounds ONLY plays when the server registered the headshot.
  • Added more variaty in the 'near miss' shots. (When bullets hit next to you these sounds play)
  • Reduced overall car engine sound. This sound was originally way too loud and is now reduced.
  • Reduced local sound of the TEC 9. This sound was also way too loud compared to other guns.
  • Each terrain type now has its own sounds based on what terrain you shoot. Also particles have been updated. (Check overall updates)
  • Fixed the menu music. It has been playing the wrong soundtrack for a few weeks now, it finally plays the 'original warz soundtrack'.

Server Updates:

  • Removed Cliffside from PVP Servers. The map is no longer available since no one played it.
  • Added 1 more West Oaks server in PVP Servers. This one is AR ONLY.

Item Updates:

  • Added a new streamer riot shield: 'Riot Shield cr0ssf1r3x'.
  • Added a new streamer riot shield: 'Riot Shield OG_PVP'.
  • Added a new streamer riot shield: 'Riot Shield GraQonfire'.
  • Added a new country riot shield: 'Riot Shield Kazakhstan'.
  • Added a new country riot shield: 'Riot Shield Costa Rica'.
  • Decreased the chance of getting a 'Chrome Flashlight' from a Chrome Skinbox.
  • The 'Karambit Fade' is now renamed to 'Karambit Spectrum'.
  • The 'Pink Dildo Flashlight' is now renamed to 'Flashlight Pink'.
  • Lowered the 'TEC 9' shooting sounds.
  • The 'AN94' (Assault rifle) now has weight.
  • Fixed the new 'Tactical Binoculars' bug. This item is now ready for release and will be released soon.
  • Fixed the animation bug with the airdrop caller in FPS where it would glitch and shake while walking.
  • Fixed a bug where skinned 'K. Style NVGs' would be less weight than the unskinned version.
  • Fixed / Reworked te Riot Shield Bestsmoke textures.
  • Fixed / Reworked the Riot Shield SurvivorSkills textures.
  • Fixed the TPS textures of the 'NP2 Riot Shield'.
  • Reworked the 'AWP' model. Less polys so better FPS and a better looking model.
  • Reworked the 'Riot Shield Svena69'. The shield is now exclusively fully chrome and is for that reason also increased in price.
  • Reworked the 'Karambit Christmas'.
  • Reworked the 'Karambit Spectrum'.
  • Reworked the 'Karambit Camo'.
  • Reworked the 'Karambit E-Unit'.
  • Reworked the 'Karambit Blue Ice'.
  • Reworked the 'Karambit Chrome'.
  • Reworked the 'Karambit Dark Matter'.
  • Reworked the 'Karambit Dark Ruby'.
  • Reworked the 'Karambit Fun Edition'.
  • Reworked the 'Karambit Sapphire'.
  • Reworked the 'Karambit Jedi'.
  • Reworked the 'Karambit Valentine'.
  • Reworked the 'Karambit Skully Pink'.
  • Reworked the 'Karambit Red Strike'.
  • Reworked the 'Karambit Peridot'.
  • Reworked the 'Karambit Hessonite'.
  • Reworked the 'Karambit Citrine'.
  • Reworked the 'Karambit Dreadnought'.
  • Inspect karambit animations are still work in progress - coming soon.

Skin Updates:

  • Added a new skin to the camo skinbox: 'AWP Camo'.
  • Added a new skin to the destruction skinbox: 'L85 Destruction'.
  • Updated the 'AWP Chrome' textures to match the new model.
  • Updated the 'AWP Fun Edtion' textures to match the new model.
  • Updated the 'AWP Black Night' textures to match the new model.
  • Updated the 'AWP Red Dragon' textures to match the new model.
  • Updated various descriptions of Small Backpack skins.
  • Updated the 'Honey Badger Toxic' store icon.
  • Updated the 'Blaser Fredaikis' textures and icon.
  • Updated the 'Heavy Gear Neon Dragon' textures. (The back side of the item was just black)
  • Fixed / Updated the textures of the K. Style NVG Modern Black.
  • Fixed the "SVD Winter Edition" scope.
  • Fixed the 'Aug Temptest' store icon. (Wasn't showing the right one before)

Map Updates:

Colorado V2:

  • Removed Christmas trees.
  • Increased military loot at the airport. The amount of loot should now be around the same as on the airport in Colorado V1.
  • Improved collision walls around Lonetree Farm. WARNING: Glitching through invisible walls is bannable.
  • Fixed some flying water panes randomly in the map.
  • Fixed some flying Sandbags at the Varo Base.
  • Fixed a place in Boulder City where players could get stuck in between some safezone walls.
  • Added some 'jumpups' on the seperate bridge in campos at the 5-Story.
  • Added a small village in Death Valley to make the place more interesting. Also added item boxes and loot.
  • Added a 'jump-up' object at the bus in the centre of Boulder City.
  • Added more player spawns around Boulder City to improve PVP.
  • Added a second entry to Lonetree Farm.
  • Added 1 Alien Super Zombie to Death Valley.

Colorado V1:

  • Removed Christmas trees.
  • Added missing item box spawns to Delta Peak.
  • Added a 'jump-up' object at the bus in the centre of Boulder City.
  • Added many objects in cities so that players can jump on top of things / buildings easier.
  • Fixed the despawn timer of a superzombie in boulder city.
  • Fixed several flying objects at West Boulder Meteorological Station.
  • Fixed the zombie spawn at Badgers Hut where superzombies spawned.
  • Fixed a zombie spawn in Fallsdale where no zombies spawned.


  • Improved overall lighting. The map overall was looking way too bright.
  • Removed Christmas trees.
  • Removed some objects that caused lagg / freezes.
  • Buffed the loot of the secret spot.
  • Added some more player spawns around the beach area's.
  • Added collision inside busses where players could get stuck in.
  • Fixed some no-clippable rocks and trees around the beach area's.
  • Fixed some mis placed cars inside the big tunnel.

Rocky Ford:

  • Fixed several ways to no-clip / glitch inside the 'garage house'.

West Oaks:

  • Improved collision walls inside the map to prevent players from glitching on top of certain buildings.

The patch is planned to roll out on the following time:

Tuesday, January 17, 10:00 AM (CET)

If you have more questions about the upcoming update please ask us and we will try to answer everything.

Twitter: https://twitter.com/infestationnewz
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Infestation.NewZ/
Discord: https://discord.gg/cPEBBcJ

Best regards,

// Infestation: The New Z - Staff Team

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