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Patch Notes - 2016/12/03

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Dear players,


With the servers going down shortly we also take this opportunity to perform a patch. Here's more information about the server downtime:

Servers will be down for around 2-3 hours. This is just an estimation, this can be done earlier or can take longer depending on how fast everything goes. We are doing everything we can to get the servers back up again as soon as possible.

Here are the patch notes:

Overall Updates:

  • The World Skinbox is removed from the marketplace and now a find-able skinbox. The super zombies have a chance of dropping this skin box.
  • Fixed various server crashes and improved overall stability.
  • Fixed a bug where the aircraft that drops the airdrop would descend with the airdrop.
  • Fixed a bug where the friend invite notification would be sent to yourself, instead of the friend you actually added.
  • Fixed the issue with the Hunter character where one of the heads did not have a neck. This model is now updated to a head with a neck attached.
  • Fixed the issue where one of the Ex Cage Fighter body's did not match the heads. This is now updated.
  • Fixed a no-clip bug related to sneaking.
  • Optimized some parts of the game, which were very CPU intensive.
  • Player Spawn Fix: We lowered the radius of the "Danger-Zone" in the spawn system from 600 meter to 250 meter. Now people wont spawn in another other town after reviving.
  • To make food a bit more useful especially in the Battle Royale game mode we have buffed the statistics of food: All food now either heals or gives stamina, some food more than other food.
  • Improved overall textures and terrain quality.
  • Sprinting no longer has a different mouse sensitivity.
  • Removed the camera limit while sprinting.
  • Karambit icon, model and animations have been reworked. We are also going to add a special 'inspect' animation for the karambit only but for now this is not live yet. The new karambit animations are way better quality than the old ones.
    We will rework all skinned karambits for next patch and also switch those to the new animations. For now, only the normal karambit is updated.
  • Added a streamer mode, where the server is hidden both in the loading screen, and the PauseUI (map, inventory, etc). To enable this mode, please go to your game settings (Documents/FredaikisAB/NewZ/gameSettings.ini) and put enable_stream_mode to 1.
  • Fixed a bug where shields could not be placed on top of each other.

UI Updates:

  • Added a new button in the "you are dead" menu to disconnect.
  • Added to in-game chat: hotkey's to each channel tab. This makes it easier for new players to understand what button to press to switch chat channels.

Community Updates:

  • The forward grip and modular arm combat grip are now both better in their own way. The forward grip has more reduced recoil, while the modular combat grip has more reduced spread. (Differences are very small though but this gives players the option to choose, what they like the most)
  • Item boxes rework:
    We have reworked the item box system. Finding an item box should be rewarding for players and feel as an achievement, therefor we have reworked the entire system:
    • Item boxes will from now on ALWAYS drop a rare sniper. (The chance they give a rare sniper is higher than any other place to find snipers. Item boxes are THE thing to go for if you want rare snipers)
    • Item boxes will ONLY spawn at military locations in Colorado V2, V1 and Caliwood.
    • Bigger locations have more, smaller locations have less.

      Here's some tips and facts about the new item box system:
    • Item boxes are hidden, they are going to be hard to find. Remember the places where you find one because they will not ALWAYS spawn at that place.
    • Item box spawns are unique. There's around 10 spots for them to spawn in an area, but only 1 of the spots will have it spawning. This means that in the beginning it's going to be very hard to find out where all the spots are. Once you get the hang of it and know all the spots, it's just a matter of checking all the locations to see which one spawned.

Marketplace Updates:

  • Added 'Riot Shield ZB' and is now available in the in-game marketplace. (Zombie Barricades)
  • Added 'Riot Shield Dr4g0on' and is now available in the in-game marketplace. (Dr4g0on)
  • Added 'Riot Shield MMFK' and is now available in the in-game marketplace. (MMFK Clan)
  • Added 'Riot Shield PSH' and is now available in the in-game marketplace. (Moderator)
  • Car spawners are now 50% cheaper and a buggy spawner is now GD. We are aware of the issues with cars and because of that we have made them cheaper. In the process we are still working on improving the system.

Skin Updates:

  • Fixed the 'AUG Dreadnought' skin recipe icon.
  • Fixed the 'Blaser Red Dragon' skin recipe icon.
  • Updated the 'M4 Revall' skin recipe and normal icon.

Item Updates:

  • 'SVD Ammo' is now called 'SVD 10 Ammo' so it's easier for players to see what magazine has 20 bullets and what has 10.
  • The OTS-SVU and the black night skin for the sniper now have a PSO scope by default. (Like all the other skinned versions)
  • The TEC9 is now capable of having any SMG ammo attached. 
  • The AK47 is now capable of having side attachments attached. (Rifle laser, Rifle flashlight)
  • Fixed the Riot Shield GrankGrunz description.
  • Fixed the M200 fire rate. The sniper now shoots as fast as all the other snipers.
  • Highered the normal M4 damage to 23,5.
  • Highered the mosin damage to 55 and uppered the fire rate to 50.

Battle Royale Updates:

  • Fixed a bug where an airdrop would drop outside the safe radius in Battle Royale.
  • Fixed a bug where pressing the Battle Royale button, when the Battle Royale servers are full, would make the button bug out.
  • The position of the Battle Royale safe zone will only be revealed after 3 minutes, when the radiation starts. This prevents players from camping at the start.
  • Added new radiation on-screen effects to the Battle Royale. When players are in radiation they now have a better visual feedback.
  • Death sounds have been disabled in the Battle Royale lobby.
  • Reworked some features of the Battle Royale UI; added a visual indicator to see when the radiation starts.
  • Added a Pole with a blue flag to indicate the center of the Battle Royale Safe-zone.
  • Autoskin now works in Battle Royale servers for the small backpack.

Map Updates:

Colorado v2:

  • Optimized overall terrain quality.
  • Decreased / optimized overall grass to improve FPS and performance.
  • Reduced the amount of super zombies overall. Super zombies now only spawn at military places.
  • Removed the random menu music playing in Campos city around the five story.
  • We've checked the whole map for flying objects and fixed them.
  • Major loading time improvements due to removal of duplicate objects.

Colorado v1:

  • Optimized overall terrain quality.


  • Optimized overall terrain quality.
  • Optimized shadow quality.
  • Removed trees that were no-clippable.


  • Optimized overall terrain quality.
  • Optimized shadow quality.
  • Removed unused terrain layers to increase FPS and performance.
  • Added many objects throughout the whole city to make it easier for players to jump on top of certain buildings.
  • Added more cars on the big roads so players have more cover for PVP.
  • Reduced the amount of super zombies overall. Super zombies now only spawn at military places.
  • Reduced overall brightness of the map.
  • We've checked the whole map for flying objects and fixed them.
  • Fixed places at the 'Convention Center' where players could get stuck in between objects.

Battle Royale:

  • Optimized overall terrain quality.
  • Optimized shadow quality.
  • Major FPS improvements.
  • Increased the size of the lobby. With the amount of new players we got Battle Royale's are often filled with a 100 people. The lobby we had was just too small for that. The new lobby is increased in size.
  • We've checked the whole map for flying objects and fixed them.
  • Added many objects throughout the whole map for more details and cover for players.
  • Removed grass that was inside buildings or clipping through streets.


  • Optimized overall terrain quality.
  • Fixed some flying objects.

Rocky Ford:

  • Optimized overall terrain quality.

West Oaks:

  • Optimized overall terrain quality.

Spring Valley:

  • Optimized overall terrain quality.

Clear V2:

  • Optimized overall terrain quality.


  • Optimized overall terrain quality.


  • Optimized overall terrain quality.


Please follow us on twitter for latest status updates regarding the servers:

Best regards,


// Infestation: New Z Staff Team


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