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Patch Notes - 2016/11/14 (Hotfix)

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Dear Players,

We're rolling out a quick hotfix to fix some issues related to last patch.

  • Russian is now available as in-game language.
  • Fixed some problems related to the in-game UI text. Some text was missing / bugged.
  • Fixed / Updated some UI buttons. Resized some elements.
  • Updated / Tweaked chat UI.

There's been some problems for players with lower-end pc's regarding the lighting changes. Therefor we've tweaked them a bit to increase FPS and performance:

  • Adjusted fog settings. Less fog overall and fog almost entirely removed during full day time.
  • Tweaked further global settings to increase FPS.
  • Fixed the M4 Revall texture problems.
  • Fixed the VSS Red Dragon scope. The sniper now has it's own custom skinned scope.
  • Fixed a problem related the the FOV of the OTS SVU sniper & skinned versions.
  • New Riot Shields are now available in the marketplace.
  • ClearV2, SpringValley and WestOaks now no longer has a clan limit.


Found a map related problem / bug / glitch? Please report it through the following link:


Enjoy the patch, all feedback and reports are welcome!


// Infestation: New Z Staff Team


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