Dear Players,   We are rolling out a client-sided hotfix to fix some major issues that have been happening related to patch 2.11. A lot of players have been reporting issues such as crashes and worse performance since the last patch. We have over looked these issues and fixed and improved a lot. We have also fixed a very common memory leak crash that was mostly happening to players playing the Battle Royale game mode. Next to that even though "visually" nothing much is changed in this hotfix, behind the scenes A LOT has been improved and fixed. Here's some of the details but we would like to make clear that most of the improvements and fixes we did are not listed down below:   Overall Updates: GENERAL: Fixed a major memory leak issue mostly happening to players playing the Battle Royale game mode. Fixed other minor crashes and improved overall performance and game's stability. Fixed some statistics in the Battle Royale game mode end screen. Fixed some UI issues and improved some little parts. SOUNDS: Improved / Fixed some corruption issues related to the sound banks of the game. MODELS: "Static Truck Trailer" - Fixed the "holes" that were transparent at the back of the trailer.   Item Updates: UPDATES / FIXES: Updated the new "Thompson" third person model. Optimized it to increase FPS and performance.   We would like to ask players that are still experiencing issues to write a support ticket at We are monitoring the issues very closely and we aim to fix issues that could still be happening after this hotfix as fast as possible. The patch is a client-sided patch only meaning servers will not have to restart. To patch your game, just close your game and force an update (for Steam users) or just restart the game normally (for non-Steam users).   Best Regards,   // The New Z - Staff Team