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Looking for an experienced pvp-mate!

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I'm all about survival, I love it!... I almost go two characters with full skill tree, and my main pvp-character "Bock Clocker" is a Villain, with 4.18 in K/D... All that rep, I have farmed solo, all on my own... And it's getting lonely! x( - However, I also refuse to play in big groups, as I find that borring and especially in Survival.
Unfortunately for me, I am very picky when it comes to choosing the people I want to play with. So here goes to criteria:

1. You have at least 1 character with hardened.
2. You are 22+ of age (I'm 27).
3. You speak english, and have a mic.
4. You are within -2 or +2 GMT timezone.
5. You're F*ing bad ass at pvp! x)

I hope you're out there! :)

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1. I dont have a char whit hardened

2. I'm 17

3. I do speak good proper english and have few good working mic's

4. Europe Germany

5. I'm fricking good,

Kjer good luck in finding someone :)


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