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Patch Notes - 2016/10/11

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Dear Players,

It's time again for an update. This patch might come as a surprise to a lot of people due to the fact that we patched only one week ago, but due to several reasons we decided to do a quicker "smaller" hotfix to fix some game-breaking related problems. As you will notice by reading these patch notes, we have not really added any new content, this is also why this patch is intentionally meant as a hotfix. With this patch we have focused on fixing minor issues. We felt like we couldn't really start working on new features/content due to the fact that there were still game-breaking related issues in the game like the abuse of left peak, macro problems, voip & crashes. With this patch we have focussed fully on these problems and should be mostly fixed now. Let's get into details now:


Overall Updates:

  • Updated some spelling mistakes and made some improvements to the German language pack.
  • Updated some spelling mistakes and made some improvements to the Dutch language pack.
  • Turkish is now available as game language.
  • Vietnamese is now available as game language.
  • Polish is now available as game language.
  • Players can now repair a car without placing the actual car down. This can be done by taking a car + a repair kit in your backpack -> right click repair and choose a repair kit to repair the car with.
    • The "Repair" does not show up when a car is at 100% durability.
    • Premium repair kits repair for 100%, normal repair kits for 30%.
    • Car system has been improved.

      We've experienced some problems regarding VOIP after our latest patch. VOIP was still not available in public (Official) EU Servers. This had something to do with the security/anti-ddos of our EU server. Our apologies for not releasing VOIP fully at once, but we finally fixed the problem and VOIP is now available on EU Official Servers too.

      LEFT PEAK:
      Yes. Left peak, players abusing left peak, it's been a major game-breaking problem recently in the game and it's been taking up a lot of time from us thinking about solutions. Finally we've found the right solution for left peak and most important, it's no longer abusable by players anymore. Enjoy!
  • Fixed a bug related to auto-skinning items. Some times some items in players accounts didn't auto skin. This is now fixed.


UI Updates:

  • Fixed a UI Bug where sometimes the scroll bar in the server browser would not work correctly.
  • Moved the in-game statistics that were originally under the chat to the down left box (where health, sprint bar etc.. is) so that when players hide the chat now still can see their player statistics. Also changed some of the text fields inside the statistic bars to a shorter text for more space.
  • Updated the UI background to a new one for a new fresher look.
  • Updated the top menu in the UI and made it more transparent so it fits better with the rest of the menu.
  • Updated the "Play" screen. Instead of showing 2 buttons: Competitive / Open World we've changed the buttons and released the new layout as 'basis' for the future of this game. There's now 4 buttons:
    • Open World -> All normal game modes and everything related to a player's Global Inventory.
    • Battle Royale -> One of our 'main' game-modes.
    • Survival -> Coming soon.
    • Competitive -> Coming soon.
  • Removed the "Battle Royale" button from the open world screen. (Since this game-mode is not open world but an actual game-mode)
  • Removed the "Coming Soon" button from the open world screen. (This button was a place-holder for the competitive game-mode but we have another place for this game-mode now.)
  • The open world server selection screen now has 2 less buttons and is resized a bit.
  • Fixed a bug in the Options - Controls menu when applying a different sensitivity the bar / value would change / bug when clicking on apply. This bug is now fixed.


Community Updates:

  • Improved the AK-74M after community feedback. This assault rifle was way too bad compared to other guns. With these changes we hope that this gun will be used more by players. Spread is decreased & Recoil is decreased.
  • AK-74M spawn rate has been increased. The gun should now be more common.
  • Basic Glasses are now spawning. Skins for this item will be released soon.


Crash Updates:

  • Fixed a bug where another player's reputation would bug and not show the right reputation icon.
  • Fixed a bug where the kill feed would sometimes show random black glitched bars.
  • Fixed a bug related to the 'ZK spawner' (car) having 0% durability when the item was in your backpack.
  • Fixed a bug where dead player models would, on some clients, randomly stand as if they were alive.
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes 'delay' a players jump in first / third person.


Crash Updates:

  • Fixed the M4 USA skin animation problems.
  • Fixed some problems regarding duplicate skins in the same skinbox.
  • Fixed / Updated the K. Style NVG Gosu textures.
  • Fixed / Updated the Custom Guerilla Autumn textures.
  • Fixed / Updated the K. Style Autumn textures.
  • Fixed / Updated the K. Style NVG Autumn textures.
  • Fixed / Updated the Heavy Gear Autumn textures.
  • Fixed / Updated the Heavy Armor Camo textures.
  • Fixed / Updated the Custom Guerilla camo icon & textures.
  • Fixed / Updated the Saiga camo icon & textures.
  • Fixed / Updated the SVD camo icon & textures.
  • Fixed / Updated the IBA Sand camo icon & textures.
  • Fixed / Updated the Machete camo icon & textures.
  • Fixed / Updated the Large Backpack camo icon & textures.
  • Fixed / Updated the FN Scar camo icon & textures.
  • Fixed / Updated the Military Backpack camo icon & textures.
  • Fixed / Updated the Camo Skinbox icon & textures.
  • Added new streamer / youtuber Riot Shields. (Soon in marketplace)
  • The SVD Camo now has its own camo pso scope.
  • The IBA Combat is now called IBA Camo.
    Lots of players have been asking us what exactly is happening regarding clan skins. We've experienced some problems recently and weren't very happy in adding more because certain clans have been abusing their skins and been selling their slots. We then decided not to add any clan skins until we've found a solution for this problem. Now, we did:
  • Clan skins requirements have been increased -> This way we can filter the 'professional' clans out, etc.
  • Clan skins will be available after 1 week when a player joins a clan. -> to prevent clans from selling their slots.
    Please be warned that any clan we see selling their clan slots either for ingame currency OR external currency will be banned PERMANENTLY.
    More info will follow soon regarding the new applications for clan skins, stay tuned on our social media and forums!
    A forum post will follow later regarding the new clan / riot shield applications and requirements. Stay tuned for that.
    We've finally finished reworking the AUG to a new model. This means we also had to rework all current skins for the AUG. By doing this we've also reworked all of the old (removed) AUG skins and we can now finally re-release them. Here's a list of what skins got reworked:
  • AUG Tropico
  • AUG Tempest
  • AUG Skull
  • AUG Shark Attack
  • AUG Rainforest
  • AUG Melon
  • AUG Indy
  • AUG Destruction
  • AUG Golem
  • AUG Christmas
  • AUG Fun Edition
  • AUG Dreadnought


Item Updates:

  • Updated the Airdrop Caller icon to a much better / cleaner looking one.
  • Updated the AUG (Assault Rifle model). The old AUG model caused a lot of players to lag and was low quality. The new AUG model is improved and optimized.
  • Updated the AUG store icon to the new AUG.
  • Chainsaws now continuously play sounds even when holding down the mouse button. (Before it was on 'semi' mode only playing the sound after a mouse-click)
  • Decreased the protection rate on basic glasses, since this item realistically doesn't look as protective as a K. Style or helmet.
  • Fixed the AN94 animation bug when a player is prone, the gun would be bugged. This is also fixed for the skins of this gun.


Map Updates:

Rocky Ford:

  • Reworked the entire map. Rocky Ford will be available as PVP server again!
  • Reworked the minimap.

West Oaks:

  • Fixed flying objects around the gas station and diner.
  • Fixed a bug where players could sometimes spawn outside of the playable area.


  • Added more ways up on the roof of the Convention Center which is located in the center of the map.

Colorado V2:

  • Fixed flying objects around the secret spot.
  • Fixed some no-clippable rocks around Campos City.
  • Fixed a bug at the airport where zombies could no-clip through the crashed helicopter in the center of the airport.
  • Fixed a bug at the airport where zombies could no-clip through a trailer model.
  • Fixed a bug where players could sometimes spawn outside of the playable area.
  • Updated the height of the water due problems at the lake next to Clearview.

Colorado V1:
Colorado V1 is still in development and being tested. Still we would like to point out some updates we did:

  • Fixed flying objects around the Trailer Park.
  • Updated lighting settings.
  • Updated the height of the water due to problems at the lake next to Clearview.


  • Fixed a bug where players could sometimes spawn outside of the playable area.
  • Fixed flying objects.
  • Updated the billboard with some collision walls so players can't no-clip through it anymore.
  • Updated lighting settings due to some problems and player complaints.

Spring Valley:

  • Fixed a bug where players could sometimes spawn outside of the playable area.


Found a map related problem / bug / glitch? Please report it through the following link: http://goo.gl/forms/ig1aaAizREIntQPG2


As you can see, we changed the server selection screen (after you click on play) once again. Finally this pre-selection screen is at a point where we are satisfied and we think with these 4 buttons the game is easily understandable for new players. Also in the old pre-selection screen Battle Royale was part of the Open World server selection screen. Obviously, as we all know, Battle Royale is not considered to be an open world type, but a major game mode. Just like the 2 new buttons we added; Survival and Competitive. Our goal is to finish at least one of the 2 major game modes somewhere in the upcoming weeks.



Enjoy the patch, all feedback and reports are welcome! Please read the header of this post for patch time details & ETA.


// Infestation: New Z Staff Team


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