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Hotfix Notes - 2016/09/09

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Dear players,


We have decided to quickly run a small hotfix to fix problems that occurred after our latest patch. The main reason we are doing this hotfix is to fix the Battle Royale Lobby. (which was unplayable due a bug) We have also fixed some other smaller issues.

Note: This patch is pre-updating some things so that the upcoming patch will be smaller in size.


Overall Updates:

  • Fixed the problem where players who have an Extreme account subscription still had to pay 10 GC to revive a character.
  • Fixed a visual bug with the Zombie Killer showing 66% Durability.
  • Fixed a visual bug where player's reputation icons would not always show the right icon.
  • Fixed the problem where F10 (In-game marketplace) wasn't working on private servers.

Community Updates:

  • Aidrop caller loot has been buffed after receiving feedback from players. 

UI Updates:

  • Fixed the in-game 'Extreme' icon. (when having an 'Extreme' subscription) In the tab list the icon is red now.
  • Fixed a bug where random players had a red name in the chat.
  • Updated the "Pick-up UI": (This saves a lot of time in fast game-play when players pick up items)
    • When a player's backpack is full it will be indicated directly on the "Pick-up UI" and the player won't be able to pick any items extra up. (Before players could still hold 'e' on items and it would give a message saying 'Backpack is full', now it won't even let the player fill up the pick-up bar)
    • When the item that the player wants to pick up is too much weight, the "Pick-up UI" will already say that that item is too much weight to pick up and it won't let the player fill up the 'e' bar.

Skin Updates:

  • Fixed the "Mauser Hynx" not showing any attachments.
  • Fixed / updated the "Sig Sauer 556 White Tiger" texture.
  • Fixed / updated the "Neon & Red Dragon Scope" icons.
  • Fixed / updated the "M107 Sub Zero" icon.
  • Fixed the blueprint and normal icon of the "M107 Sub Zero".
  • Fixed the problem that skinned PSO-1 scopes weren't able to be attached to any sniper.
  • Fixed some riot shield texture updates.
  • Fixed some missing riot shield crate textures.
  • Fixed the "Epic Skinbox" texture being 'chromy'. Texture is fixed and should look like the icon now.


Item Updates:

  • Fixed the problem where the iron sight of the M4A1 was invisible in first person.
  • Updated the Karambit Red Dragon textures and icon.
  • Renamed "MiniSaint's" to "Minicabra's".


Map Updates:


  • Fixed the texture bug where some rails of the highway would have no texture. (looked completely white)


  • Fixed the flying fence object inside the barn.
  • Fixed the windows of the barn.

Battle Royale:

  • Fixed some flying objects around the map.
  • Fixed the Battle Royale lobby: Also reworked the lobby system to a brand new system:
    • The Battle Royale lobby is now fixed, players no longer randomly die while waiting in the lobby.
    • The Battle Royale lobby has been transformed to a mini PVP town. To courage people to wait a bit longer in the lobby without being 'bored' we've added a mini deathmatch feature that runs untill the battle royale starts.
      • No statistics count while playing inside the lobby.
      • No items save while playing inside the lobby.
      • Mini deathmatch inside the lobby is with a variety of random gear. These gear load-outs are preselected.
  • Fixed missing textures on various objects that are placed inside Battle Royale.
  • Updated the global lighting to improve FPS and player performance.


Found a map related problem / bug / glitch? Please report it through the following link: http://goo.gl/forms/ig1aaAizREIntQPG2


Hotfix will roll out in some minutes. Only a small server restart needed.


Enjoy the patch, all feedback and reports are welcome!


// Infestation: New Z Staff Team


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