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Dear players,

With the reopening of applications for Clan Riot Shields, there has been an increase of inquiries about Clan Skins. Though it should be clear to everyone as to why we are not making them anymore, there still seems to be some people unwilling to understand our side on this matter. Some important points about this are:

  • This is very time consuming, which means reopening this would cause us to spend a lot of time on this rather than other things.
  • This would be a huge advertisement for barely any money. For us to make it a fair price, it would have to be VERY high, which in turn means this is something we do not want to do (I'll talk more about that in the FAQ below).
  • The amount of clans we have ingame right now is absurd. This would only frustrate clans that don't get it.
  • This can cause hatred because one clan was accepted while another wasn't. This is not something we are willing to deal with at this point. 
  • The amount of people abusing the Clan Skin system is a problem we have been trying to deal with. The community doesn't help when it comes to things like this. 
  • There is no exceptions we can make that won't upset most of the community. Opening an exception for ONE clan will upset thousands. Opening an exception for dozens will upset thousands. 

To make it clearer, I've put together a small FAQ which should answer most of the questions about it. 

"But why do some clans have it and we can't have them?"
In the past we did this, when our community was smaller. It was a reward kind of thing for clans that were loyal to our game since its beginning (2015). However, with the growth of the game, it's impossible to keep adding skins for all the clans that think they deserve it.

"Our clan has also been loyal to the game since the beginning. Why do we not get our skins?"
That is because we have opened applications for that MULTIPLE times. If your clan missed it, there is nothing we can do. We do not want to open exception for anyone as that is just a reason for hatred. So we decided that under no circumstances will we open exceptions. 

"We have a very big clan and we started playing your game coming from KappaZ. We deserve it!"
That is actually the opposite. The fact your clan 1. came from an emulator and 2. Recently started playing our game are two reasons that actually makes your clan not suitable for it. These two facts show us that your clan is more than willing to move on from our game at any point and that's not the kind of clans we were initially willing to support with FREE advertisement in a game with 60.000+ unique logins daily. 

"Our clan used to have clan skins and they were removed. Why can't we get them back?"
A while back, we removed some clan skins from the game due to copyright issues and inactivity and we let everyone know that if they wanted them reworked, all they had to do was contact us again. The fact this contact didn't happen, shows that your clan was not active in our game, which means the reward for loyalty was not applicable anymore. 

"But my clan had it recently and it was removed, why?"
There are extenuating circumstances that have made us decide to remove some clans' skins from the game recently. Those decisions were not random and we had reasons for that. The clan leaders' and representatives should be very aware of the reasons that that happened. 

"What if we make our clan skins ourselves and 'all you have to do is add them to the game'?"
There are a few reasons for that.
1. That goes back to question 4 about copyrights. We have tried this before but you guys think that just because the image file is available on the internet, it's free to use. That's not how it works. 
2. The files made by players have shown to be very badly designed (in the files, not how it looks in game) which may cause issues when importing it to the game.
3. Just adding them to the game is not as simple as it sounds. It takes a lot of work to prepare everything to be made available ingame, not just import some files into the database. 
4. A lot of people, when we said they could make it themselves, literally asked us to teach them how to make them. Teaching how to make is just as much work as making them.

"Why not just start to charge money for them (given that Riot Shields are free) and making them again?"
The volume of clans we currently have in game would make this completely infeasible for us to be able to handle this while working on so many things at the same time. We need to keep a standard on everything added in game, so rushing into making things just to add them, would be bad as well. 
Also, if you talk about money for them, consider this... Your clan would be shown to thousands of players on a daily basis, which is free advertisement for your clan. The amount of money invested in things like this should directly reflect on that, which would mean thousands of dollars per skin. In that case, we would rather just not do them, instead of upsetting most clans to please a handful because they can afford it and others can't. 


THERE IS NO APPLICATION FOR THIS AND CURRENTLY WE DO NOT PLAN ON DOING SO AT ALL. PMing me to open an exception for you will bring no fruition, so don't waste both our time on that. 

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