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ping problems

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On 8/30/2017 at 0:39 AM, kazmightONFIRE said:

Hey sir. 


Are you sure it's not a problem of player's internet? It could just be some players with a bad internet. 

Hmm sir i have been observing my Internet that i played on like 50 ping... Havent you notice that on the page on facebook or here on the furoms that there is no many people complaining about the hongkong server? I mean  before i played in NA servers it is like 250 ping and hongkong goes 50 ping... But now NA ping is still 250 ping and hongkong servers are like 160-250 ping.. Is this possible for only the internet connection? Or the reason why hongkong servers are lagg coz of the strong storm that hit hongkong in this past few days?

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