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WCKD is back and Recruiting

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Wicked Gaming is reforming and going to be a serious clan again on The NewZ!


To join you "MUST" have the following:
- Friendly.
- Experienced Players With A fairly large GI to come geared at all times.
- Good Microphone And "Good English" Communication Skills + Teamspeak
- Mature no age limit
- multi-clanning is allowed to a extent for specifics talk to a admin and No loot whoring!

If you meet these qualifications please feel free to join the teamspeak. We will not accept if you cant follow these simple requirements. Also Old clan skins etc coming soon!


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They removed our clan skins because our clan went innactive and removed them. We asked for them back and they wont add them back even though we paid, hopefully one day we can get them back


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Hey guys. returning player here. Looking for a new clan since my old one is not playing anymore. got a nice GI and about 8k minus only since i only been here a short while. feel free to let me know if theres a chance to join in! :)


 - Good english

-  26yrs

- 2k+ snipers and enough ammo to start ww3 in GI

- enough nvgs/heavies to gear china

- active player with both TS3/Discord

- From Sweden

- Funny ofc ;)

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