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Fix anti-macro

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You can still macro without problems if u know how (i do not macro just saying). The issue with the anti-macro thing is my shields and dx is often stuck in my hand after i hit 1 several times and it fucks legit players over a lot of times :/

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42 minutes ago, Glad said:

Who's macroing in 2k33117  ?  oups missclick Kappa 

Glad tbh this is a big issue for many players, I usually react pretty fast when I get shot by AR's from close distance and use DX + Barricade + change to weapon and it gets very often stuck at the barricade, I've died many times because of this.

And let me tell u, we both know there are tons of players out there still using DX Macros and so on, this means the anti-macro is useless and daily affects many player's gameplay.

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