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Found 6 results

  1. Mike

    Open World Talk

    Basic talk with everyone of all experience.
  2. Friends, Friday Night or Saturday Morning I got you covered my sunshine can rain down a good time no matter your situation! Come hang out with me for a good time and get you some of them super awesome community skin boxes. Let's go family, friends, and new community members! Thanks, Stinefelt
  3. Stinemenites, We have yet another day to be happy for and to stream more fun! Come join me for more fun and community boxes or well yeah STINEAWAYS lol! Thanks, Stine
  4. Right after the hotfix, zombies are now a little bit buggy. the react nearly 0 to a car or gun. Well the range of it is very very low now -> Shhhhhh way closer but 0 reaction They fall asleep maybe The range that i was on picture, was with car and is NOT the end of stretwalk from zombies. normal the walk way more outside and follow you. Be so kind and check it out please.
  5. macf2505

    more zombies

    I rent a server, but there are very few zombies, how can I make it so that more zombies and super zombies appear or a kind of horde can be made
  6. luckschar01

    Zombies in Battle Royale

    Lately I've been thinking about what could make the Battle Royale more interesting and / or with more players, among my friends we ask ourselves: - Why are there zombies in the Battle Royale? This doubt has brought me here, because many times it ends up being annoying the game by the amount of zombies in the area where we were born my suggestion is that you could diminish the flow of zombies in the partitions of Battle Royale or completely remove them. thanks for listening. - L u c k