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Found 1 result

  1. Imagine having a third bigger / major town in the Colorado V2 map. I have a location that I have been thinking of, which you're going to see in the picture, but it could also replace Hill Ranch. Why I've been thinking of this is that the pvp on servers usually stay within a town or so. If you're in Boulder, you usually stay by Boulder / Whitestone, as that is the forest there's usually pvp in. If we were to replace a small place like Hill Ranch, or use the area marked on the picture, we would be able to see clans grouping up together going from both Boulder and Campos, so that it could become an automatic clan war in itself. The location marked out on the map would be a bit off, but it'd allow pvp in the woods, where a lot of people usually enjoy pvping. The URL didn't work in the "insert other media" so I will post the link with the message.