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Found 4 results

  1. Hi again , survivalist Here in this post will contain the basic and few tips related to the zombies. I will keep updating and If anyone has any cool tips and tricks about the zombies, please let me know so it shall be more updates. 1. Escaping Runnies !! Do you remember this of zombie's behavior ? The one that warming his knees before jumping to you as fast as Usian Bolt !! That's right ! I call them "runnies" There are few ways to escape the attack - Strike first , No.1 rule of Cobra Kai, when it starts running, aiming at the head will not work. Hit in the the middle in its heart like this - Do the famous circle Run , When you see it running at you , and got some distances, you can jump run in circle like the picture bellow. First you run back a bit and jumping in circle. This zombie can't handle back flipping. huhuu 2. We can jump on zombies' head let picture explain itself..... buy doing this you could climb their heads to some cool area for example. the wood fence in above pictures, so you can jump over to another side Up on the bus even the famous Police station's rooftop ------------------------------------------------------------------- There will be more , If you could share ---------------------------------------------------------- Comments bellow
  2. Camp Splinter 101

    Hello Survivors Today I introduce you the decent place to farm decent guns (high tier) Which are AUG , IMI , SIG , M4a1 , HoneyBadgers, AK-47, L85, Famas. I've tested few other military area already and personally finalize that Camp Splinter is the best among all places. It is small and full of loots, and the ratio of high tier guns you can get per minute is highest among all place. If you are trying to find decent guns in your G.I. inventory, KaJerng recommends this place. I will share my method, aiming to find only high tier weapons quickly. Pro: Food and drinks in the camp Small and compact Car Spawns 1 Run should be less than 3 minutes Cons: Risky to get ambush , but high reward No Vaccines, you should prepare some with you Bring Military Backpack , or few smaller locker to maximize everything. 1x Super Zombie , prepare the equipment to deal with it In one run , First you need to kill Super zombie whatever way you want. and then run into this high tier gun spawn points only, as I circle in the bellow pictures, and then disconnect. My tip is ignore other spawn points, just aiming at these rare spawn points. You might find some lower tier AR guns Like G11, Thompson, M4 , M16 in other places but you need to run around too much. Farming higher tiers is way more effective, because their price in survival mode is high enough that you could trade them for meds , ammo, and armors you want. The car is spawn next to the camp ** Getting survival loot is not as hard as you think ** Good Luck guys
  3. FPS and Overlays

    Just a quick little PSA on FPS and Overlays
  4. 2 quick tips

    Just a quick little video I did on 2 questions I have been asked. Same video just posted up on both of my channels