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Found 1 result

  1. Hipax


    This is something I've been wanting to throw out there for a long time. Can we get the return of story-based stuff to the survival mode? Permanent time capsules with clues that could lead to hidden loot spots, stories that are told by the enviornment, or even a return of the original MISSION SYSTEM from Infestation back when they were more experimental? This is something that could HEAVILY differentiate Open World and Survival, and it's something that I'm sure a lot of the players would welcome - especially those looking for more role-play and PVE focus, as the game needs to see some changes to differentiate it from just being "open world with rare loot", and I think this is something that would definitely be one of the easier steps in the right direction Hell, I'm sure a lot of players would be more then happy to throw concepts and ideas out there. I myself would love the opportunity to get to put some sort of backstory into this and make things work, as I have suggested multiple times in threads on the forums along with in emails and direct messages to you guys via Discord. So...what does everyone else think? Would y'all like to see some story added to our Zombie Apocalypse and put the "stories" back in "Survivor Stories", or do you think it would be resources better spent elsewhere?